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Welcome to the free FCE (Final Cut Express) guide on how to convert avi file to FCE on Mac OS and how to import .AVI to FCE on Mac OSX for editing.

Are you having any trouble importing AVI files into Final Cut Express on Mac OSX? If you have experience with importing the camcorder file files into FCE and like to mix it with footage from other projects, It is a 100% chance that when you go to File > Import, none of the AVI files are selectable. Even the ones that play fine in Quicktime can’t be imported.

AVI, DV and QuickTime on Mac OSX.
Most of the time people are mixing technologies and terminologies a bit in this issue. AVI is a container for video. QuickTime is also a container for video. H.264 is a codec that is used for video within the Quicktime container.

With AVI, the usability for editing depends on the codec used inside of that AVI container. If it’s an AVI with the DV codec, it’s probably easy to convert for use in Final Cut on Mac OSX. The other approach is to open the AVI in Quicktime Pro and save it out as a Quicktime Movie. If the AVI is using the Cinepak codec, you’ll have to convert it to an editing format using video converter for Mac.

Things we need to specially focus on when convert AVI to FCE (Final cut Express) on Mac OSX and import .avi file to FCE on Mac.

You could just waste hours of your precious time without finding out the most competent program
if you’re looking to convert a bunch of avi files to FCE on Mac OS X or Snow Leopard and you said quality isn’t an issue, just use Mpeg Streamclip and convert to whatever codec you want to edit with.

The process of converting a movie
of nonstandard format to a standard editing format has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. All the issues of frame size, frame rate, progressive vs. interlaced have to be taken into account. It is the best that if all the output setting option is customize-able. Best audio-visual quality is the ultimate objective every video maker should go after.

Best Mac OSX program to convert/import .avi file to FCE (Final Cut Express) on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger- v10.6 Snow Leopard.
Before we take any action to find the most competent AVI to FCE converting program for Mac OSX and Snow Leopard, let’s first walk close to Final Cut Express and see how it works With Final Cut Express 4, you can edit footage captured in such popular video formats as DV, HDV, and AVCHD. Or export your iMovie ’08 projects, putting professional polish on them in Final Cut Express.

●Easily capture DV and HDV
Capturing DV and HDV footage is as simple as connecting a camcorder to your Mac and keeping an eye on the Capture window to select what you would like to transfer. Preview it full screen on your primary or secondary display whenever you want. Final Cut Express supports both standard-definition DV and high-definition 1080i and 720p HDV.
●Work with AVCHD
Now you can edit video captured with the most popular AVCHD devices, using the new Log and Transfer tool to access video recorded to disks, memory cards, or DVDs.* Select the clips you want, then transfer them to Final Cut Express. It has never been easier to work with beautiful HD content.
●Import projects from iMovie ’08
In iMovie ’08, you can skim through the clips in your library and quickly create a rough cut of your video project. Exporting iMovie project to Final Cut Express for further editing couldn’t be easier? just choosing Final Cut XML from the Share menu. Then open your project in Final Cut Express to put the finishing touches on your project using its expanded, professional toolset.

Things are clear now that FCE only prefers digital video file DV, HDV and ACHD.
AVI to FCE converter for Mac is one of the best programs that can read and convert all the codec carried within the AVI file container on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger- v10.6 Snow Leopard. To convert avi file to FCE on Mac OS can be very fast and the output audio-visual quality can be very high. The user-friendly interface and self-explanatory design makes it suitable for both inexperienced and pro alike users.

Your failure to import AVI to FCE on Mac OS only tells that your system hasn’t the necessary codec installed to decode AVI. While the professional third party program AVI to FCE converter for Mac can easily convert AVI to DV or MPEG-4 that FCE supports on Mac platform.

Any program for converting from one format to another has to go through the decoding or compressing process, which will have negative effect on the output video, but that only limited to poorly programmed software, and AVI to FCE converter for Mac should be your ideal choice to manage every file you have. Many tests and experiments have proved that the powerful codec packed it carried make it a qualified AVI to Final Cut Express video converter, it is stable while pretty smooth when to play, convert and transfer video/audio on Mac. Mac program AVI to Final Cut Express converter can be a great video editing tool that allows you to trim, crop, rotate, merge files, very simple yet practical to use. You can also transfer any of the modern video/audio file to devices like iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, mobile phone and other devices.

For any concern or interests about the product, you are free to contact us. Just free download the program to your Mac and run a test now.

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