Eric Hannelius’ Vision Payment Solutions Offers Mobile Payment Processing Services

Eric Hannelius‘ Vision Payment Solutions is the President and CEO of the company. He has helped develop many successful businesses and programs for various public and private financial service, retail, marketing, and commercial real estate firms.

Vision Payment Solutions offers the latest in credit card solutions and also provides smart phone solutions to businessmen so that they can easily accept payments with the help of smart phones. The company provides a number of mobile software application options with low start-up costs for iPhone™, Blackberry® and other popular mobile devices. QwickPAY Swiper for iPhone is a complete POS payment solution that helps merchants to lower the cost of accepting cards by as much as 30%. With QwickPAY, merchants can easily accept credit and signature debit sales anytime and at any place. It is the safest way of making payments. PAYware Mobile Reader is another mobile payment processing solution which can be used to accept payments by reducing pay disputes. All transactions feature geo-tagging with nearest street or latitude and longitude coordinates.

ROAM Swiper is a small lightweight device that plugs right into a phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack and utilizes end-to-end encryption so that all customers’ sensitive information is safe. This swiper works well with iPhones, BlackBerry’s and selected android phones. It is available for use on over 400 phones and come with excellent features such as real-time authorization, emailed receipts, void and online reporting. It also allows merchant to check transaction history and report on their phone or online. With no additional equipment costs involved, ROAMpay is a secure and fully compliant device. Businesses can highly benefit from the credit card processing solutions offered by Vision Payment Solutions.

At Vision Payment Solutions, Eric Hannelius and his team are dedicated to providing complete range of payment technologies to merchants for retail, e-commerce, software integration and custom payment applications. As a leading credit card processing provider, Vision Payment Solutions provides credit card and debit card payment processing services to merchants. Find out more about Eric Hannelius, Portland and Vision Payment Solutions, by browsing through

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