Enjoy Yourself in LV Bags

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LV is short for Louis Vuitton which was one of the most famous leather designers in France history. It is a common knowledge that LV is a symbol of the upper-class. No matter bags, shoes, watches, ornaments and leather cases, as long as what are provided by LV, they may be different and amazing. There is no doubt that LV handbags are the most excellent ones in its luxury items. So enjoying the following classic LV handbags and the world of luxury.
LV Keepall

LV Keepall is the classic in the tour series. The big size Keepall uses Monogram(another classic LV bag) canvas as the bag. Leather hand-held and double zipper make Keepall more high fashion. What’s more, the detachable shoulder strap, the distinguishing feature of the bag which can be adjusted by yourself depend on your interest.
In the newest discount Keepall, light green, hot orange and wild rose are added into the classic series. This is an amazing breakthrough and as a result, it can show another feeling of Keepall. It is worth having a Keepall to go on a tour and doubtlessly, you will absolutely be the most beautiful scenery in your life tour with a Keepall.
Louis Vuitton Speedy

Speedy 30 deduct the Keepal trip bag again and as a result, it successfully shows more security and steady. The beautiful arc material makes the bag’s capacity larger and what creative is the attached lock. Almost all rich ladies who have good taste, beyond all doubt, there may be a LV Speedy in their collection. But why?
Firstly, LV Speedy is the comparatively cheap one of the world-famous brands. You can not find more substantial famous brand bags as it. You may cost at least more than one thousand to buy a bag as famous as LV while buying a Speedy with 655 dollars and up. Secondly, there are many patterns for you to choose. Not only the most classic combination of L and V, but also the classic grid as well as in the 2010 autumn and winter series, a number of Speedies made of luxury animal leathers were produced. Thirdly, there are so many sizes of Speedy for you to choose that you can choose the appropriate one to match your clothes.
LV Monogram Roses
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Although this series is not the classic one, it can compare with any other classic LV bags because of its own pattern. The rose pattern is delicate and elegant which gives rise to the visual impact on its beauty.
When you carry a Monogram Rose and go outside, it is hard to avoid being a bright spot. The bag is look like a flower coming out on your hand and what’s more, it seems that people can smell the scent from the bag. Is it so mysterious?I can’t wait to have it.
Obviously, owning a famous brand bag such as LV handbag can make a person more noble. And of course, you must have your own taste to choose a handbag because just the right bag can match you.

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