Enhance your beauty and appearance with asscher diamond cut jewelry

Diamond jewelry has never lost their charm and beauty. This precious stone still is the most desirable jewel among others. You can wear diamond accessories at any special event. This is the most pleasing and promising ornament that can enhance your beauty.

It is complementary to any type of attire you wear whether it is traditional or western. This hard stone offers unbeatable spark and glitter. Purchasing a diamond is quite a stressful and fretting task if you do not opt to credible sources. With assistance of reliable online stores you can do safe and secure shopping of diamond accessories. These online stores provide most genuine and certified diamond jewels. All their products are well tested and come along with quality assurance certificate. Online stores also provide wholesale loose diamonds, the best and worthwhile option for those who do not have enough required budget.

For many years, they are successfully addressing entire diamond accessories needs.  For wedding and engagement, you can opt for Heart shape cut diamonds. The heart shape diamond shows immense love and affection to your beloved. This impeccable and eternal shape is very popular among people. Heart shape diamond delivers elegance, style, love, care, and pleasing appeal.  Moreover, the heart shape diamond ring is the most unique and exotic gift item to endow your beloved on special event. Apart from that, you can opt for marquise diamond cut. This shape has ends pointed and 56 facets as well as twice as long in length as their width. Marquise diamond ring can make your finger appear slimmer and uniformly shaped.

All their products are certified from GIA, Gemological Institute of America. Every diamond is inspected by their leading staff of GIA Graduate Gemologist and Diamond Graduate. You can get a GIA certificate along with every purchased product having blueprint and statistics of it. Moreover, the certificate symbolizes measurements, weight, quality and appropriate details of the diamond cut.  If you are looking for urbane and graceful cut, Asscher cut diamonds is the right option for you. The cut suits precious metal such as yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, and silver.

Asscher cut diamond has a small table, a high crown, wide step facets, a deep pavilion, and square culet.  Moreover, the standard cut has 58 facets and royal asscher cut has 74 facets. This shape has distinctive windmill reflection and wide cut corners which is characterized by concentric square patterns. It is a squarish step cut with a series of many parallel steps. They offer you a wide range of shapes and cuts such as princess diamond cut, you can get radiant, round brilliant, emerald, princess, pear, oval, triangle, and cushion.  They are one of the leading international diamond manufacturing groups. You can purchase earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, and various other diamond, silver and pearl ornaments.

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