Embellishments Give Old Scrapbooks a New Lease of Life

Are you looking for modern ways to decorate your scrapbook? Getting a new type of accessory decoration has never been quite easy thanks to embellishments. Anybody who loves to create scrapbooks will find a perfect solution in modern embellishments. The use of these decoration accessories is quickly changing this industry into a multi-billion dollar industry.
Did you know that you can get your two dimensional scrapbook page to look quite amazing with accessories such as beads, flowers, brads, eyelets, ribbons, vellum, stickers and more? Eyelets and brads will serve as antique fasteners that add a twist to the old-age glue and photo corners of your scrapbook. Eyelets have a whole in the middle where you can add ribbons or strings to add a hanging effect or a little extra color. Brads on the other hand are solid and come in several different sizes and colors that add an extra dimension to pictures. Just remember to keep your photos and journaling as your focal point, too many embellishments can take away from those precious memories.
Stickers have also been known to offer an additional dimension to any scrapbook and are used as boarders as well as embellishments to all your photos. If you cannot think of the perfect words to accompany your pictures, you can choose from thousands of stickers and rub-on transfers that will say it for you. Other embellishments which cost nothing are such as beads, sequins, ribbon, buttons, tags and chipboard are just some of the other options available. The list is endless but the most important issue is that you know what is appropriate and knowing where to draw the line. The quality and quantity of embellishments are growing rapidly and changing just as fast. Do not get overexcited as it is the simple things that you use that represent the memories that you wish to capture and remember for years to come.


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