Embed video to website on MacBook Pro with video to flash converter MacBook Pro

Apple finally updated their MacBook Pro range to include Thunderbolt technology on on October 24,2011, The upgraded MacBook Pros have faster processors; 100MHz quicker on the 13in models and 200MHz on the 15in and 17in machines.

The 13-inch model is also available with a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 chip, 4GB and a more capacious 750GB HDD. That’ll cost you £1,299.

Both 15-inch models now use Core i7 chips. The lower model has a 2.2GHz clock speed and a 500GB HDD; the higher model has a 2.4GHz chip and 750GB HDD. They’ll set you back £1,549 and £1,849 respectively.

The 15-inch models also use AMD Radeon graphics cards for your gaming pleasure. An HD 6750M card with 512MB of VRAM is inside the lower model and an HD 6770M with 1GB of VRAM in the top end. Those specs will offer a huge improvement in polygon-munching abilities over the built-in Intel HD 3000 graphics found on the 13-inch models.

The granddaddy of the bunch, the 17-inch model uses the same internal specifications as the top-end 15-inch model (2.4GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD) but comes with the bigger screen. It’ll set you back £2,039.

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