Email archiving appliance: A closer look!

In this recent business environment, the risks of not meeting the legal obligation are definitely enormous. As things stand now, irrespective of industry segment, there are legal, regulatory and corporate governance requisites, which mandate organizations in storing corporate data, email correspondences and certain other records for at least up to seven years. Of course this includes email and attachments, which are typically the vehicles, used for business communication. Yes, this is where a state of the art email archiving appliance plays its part.

Let’s face the fact because there is no point in denying it anymore that in the event of litigation, email archives stands as quite a significant target in delivering a clear insight into the actions and behaviors of the business, which it prepares to guard or prosecute the legal case. In fact, when faced with an eDiscovery requirement, an organization can in fact drastically minimize the cost by taking refuge to a particular type of system, which offers fast, accurate, straightforward, precise email search and retrieval option. As a matter of fact, relying on a structured email retention appliance is definitely the rule of the game. Still, a central in house e mail filtering appliance and archiving is simply the part of the game. To be honest, banking on the end user to archive email correspondence manually won’t lead anywhere and the system will also be a sheer failure, while capturing only few irregular communication batches. In fact only a cloud based email filtering appliance will help you in streamlining your archiving needs. Yes, it offers you the utmost flexibility in providing a base to keep your business archive safe.
Writing is on the wall –Automating the process is the only way to guarantee that all email correspondences are being archived seamlessly.

Cloud based email archiving and email filtering appliance: A closer look!

In earlier days organization’s archival needs were mostly met by the onsite software and by other hardware appliances however with the massive onset of online activities, data volumes coupled with other associated risks and vulnerabilities have also witnessed a steep northward momentum. In fact statistical report proves that these days the so called traditional onsite archival “solutions” are struggling in keeping pace with the growing volume of data management, and not to mention with the sheer cost of hardware maintenance and the cost of regular upgrades. An alternative approach was therefore much needed and this is where cloud based archival solution played its part.

Email archiving on the cloud thus allow businesses in staying much ahead of the competition while maintaining and positioning their infrastructure requirements and qualities for future needs.

It offers a whole range of benefits of the so called traditional on site archiving and email filtering appliances!

    • Reduced dependencies on manual operations
    • Ultimate ability in capturing e mail early
    • Guarantees100% email archival
    • Reduced TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership)
    • It offers complete E DISCOVERY solution
    • Stops all possible Viral Attacks
    • It is time consuming and cost effective
    • It makes your business litigation ready

The cloud based archiving solution however operates in the background, free from staff interferences, whatsoever. As a matter of fact, emails are archived automatically in a centralized location.
The best part is, your business benefits with enhanced productivity, as staff hardly wastes time in archiving emails instead of concentrating on other revenue generating activities.

About the author:

Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how email archiving appliance works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about email filtering appliance and how they help you and your organization in accessing emails easily.

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