Email Archive Solution: Of Course You Need It!

Of course businesses need to protect their data and email correspondence well in order to avoid the disaster of data loss. In today’s business environment data loss is simply unacceptable. And possibly this is where the whole concept of cloud storage security has gained a steep northward momentum as one of the quickest, safest and seamless ways of storing business data and mails. In fact, in this lawsuit friendly world, the need of a precise and seamless email archive solution hence stands as one of the most sought after options for small, big and mid-sized business.

The promise of cloud storage security

Archiving your business correspondence, business data and e mails on the cloud thus promises to be the ultimate solution in data security and in making your business litigation ready.
It is all about deploying a staggering and comprehensive email archive solution without over burdening your IT resource.
A seamless e mail archive solution in place helps you in searching more than five hundred million mail messages in just few seconds
Yes, it also promises to reduce data stores by more than 80 percent
Sure it helps in maintaining accurate and full proof email archives for end number of users
It supports in managing the overall retention policies as well as the legal holds

Cloud based e mail archival has gained immense attention amongst business of all size. As situation stand now, storing mail correspondence ‘off the premise’ is no more an option but has become a business must, thus making more and more businesses to turn to this cost effective, long term solution for keeping your business data safe. Well, it is all about storing and retrieving your data whenever and wherever there is an acute need.

Possibly you know this already that, DPA, FOIA, MiFID, HIPAA, FINRA, IDA are few of the regulations which require business to store their business data in a full proof and effectively. Failing which businesses might face dire financial consequences. As an obvious result organizations are opting for cloud storage security.

Do you need an email archive solution?

As briefed earlier, business correspondence & data retention laws mandate the organizations in retaining their email correspondence. Simply put, to conform to the recent business data retention law, organizations also need to make sure that the E mails and business correspondences are secured for 7 years at least. Failing which can bring serious financial and legal turbulence.

Let’s accept the fact, no matter how much you detest still in today’s litigation friendly world it still happens and that too for both unwarranted as well as for warranted reasons. This is where banking on the cloud based email archive solution offers a rather all-inclusive eDiscovery solution while protecting your business from serious and unforeseen disaster.

The best part is, cloud based storage security also comes with the safety net of a staggering built in security system, which further protects your business correspondence from server failure or from other disaster.

About the Author: Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how cloud storage security works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about email archive solution and how it helps you and your organization in accessing emails easily.

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