Eat Six More Foods Your Skin Will Be Tender

How important the breakfast really is to women? It is difficult to quantify. Good breakfast can make you radiant, and perfect breakfast can make you even more beautiful and youthful. To ensure good health, breakfast must be good. For women, the most appropriate dietary intake is as follows.


1. Legumes


Iron is the main medium to produce human energy. It is responsible for the important task of transporting oxygen to human organs and muscles.


Therefore, if the body lacks iron, it can lead to anemia, thus people feel dizzy and weak. Although the liver and lean meat is the best source of iron, but often eating beans, black beans or soybeans, can also play the role of supplying iron, and can effectively improve the state of fatigue and weakness.


2. Spinach


Spinach contains the mineral that females are more likely to lack—magnesium.


If the daily intake of magnesium for females is less than 280 mg, people will feel tired. The role of magnesium in the human body is to transform the carbohydrates in muscles into usable energy.


3. Strawberries


Strawberries are rich in vitamin C.


And vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, so that cells get nourishment. Therefore, eating more strawberries make people energetic.


4. Bananas


Bananas are called “high-energy food”, containing carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body, and being also rich in potassium.


Potassium in the body can help maintain normal function of muscles and nerves, but it cannot store for a lot of time in the body. After strenuous exercise, the potassium in the body will drop very low. Studies have shown that low potassium can cause muscle pain, irregular heartbeat, slow response, etc., and eating a few bananas can add potassium deficiencies.


5. Nonfat yogurt


Many women will feel weak and sleepy before and after menstruation. One study has showed that eating more calcium-rich foods, such as nonfat yogurt, etc., can significantly improve the situation.


If you eat 3 cups nonfat yogurt or two cups of milk, abdominal pain, fatigue, feelings of irritability and other symptoms can abate, because the calcium has the effect of relieving muscle tension and regulating endocrine function.


6. Oatmeal


It was found that if the fiber content of breakfast is high, then there would be no hungry feeling. Nutritionist explained that fiber can slow down digestion and supply carbohydrates to the blood vessels continuously, so that the body continuously gains energy.


Oatmeal is fiber-rich food, and the release of energy is slow and balanced, making blood glucose level maintain at a high level, thus we will not feel hungry very quickly and full of energy.


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