Dukan Protein Diet to Maintain Slim Figure

If you are over weight and have been looking over several diet programs, it’s essential to no doubt be disappointed with little results. Do you know a high protein, low carbohydrate diet is encouraged by consultants for weight loss?

Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French physician, lately formulated the high protein weight loss plan known as Dukan Diet. This diet program is found to be so powerful that it has get very popular, specifically in France.

There are particular benefits associated with the Dukan Diet which shows how critical protein is for your health and well being. This dieter friendly diet allows you to eat real food after you shed extra pounds. Like other high protein diet, the dietary plan program does not use meal substitutes and protein shakes.

Instead, this diet plan works on the psychological part of people and lets them experience and enjoy eating their favorite foods as they maintain their slim figure. Dieters can eat as much of their favorite foods as they want and still continue to lose and maintain weight.

It is thus apparent that protein has an important position in maintaining health. This diet plan has been accepted by chronic men and women who’ve been unsuccessful with shedding pounds so far. Together with a lot of protein foods in the diet program helps reduce weight by reducing bloating.

Dukan Diet therefore is essentially of four stages. The first stage is about eating as much protein filled foods as possible including fish, meat and non-dairy products. The following stage is to have a lot of vegetables alternative with protein rich diet.

The consolidation level is all about eating vegetables and proteins on all days along with cheese, bread and fruit. The last stage is the stablizing stage where protein is suggested on Thursdays. Dieters can continue eating whatever they want without restriction on all other days.

Your body find it difficult to use as energy, foods that are high in protein. Therefore, at least 30% of the calories in our bodies are expended for digesting protein rich foods. For anyone who is complementing your diet plan with protein or amino acid supplements (supplementen in Dutch), it is highly recommended to accept time choosing the best supplement available in the market.

“Fundapeptide” is one of the best amino acid supplementen popular with many. It is because of its low calorie content and the fact that it is 100% natural. “Fundapeptide” is on the market in an easy to take tablet form and doesn’t contain sweeteners or preservatives. This is the perfect protein supplement that may be taken with any diet routine for best results.

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