Drinking Water Requirements of the Human Body

In general, people’s drinking water every day at least is equal to the body’s water consumption. Discharge of urine in the body one day is about 1500 ml, plus from the stool, respiratory or evaporation of water from the skin, the total consumption of water is about 2500 ml daily, but from food and in vivo metabolism add moisture only about 1000 ml, so normal people daily need to drink at least 1500 ml of water, about 8 cups.


Many people tend to think of drink only when they are thirsty, and often are swallowing by a big mouth, this approach is wrong. Drinking too hasty will impose a lot of air swallowed easily lead to burping or bloating, it is best to first keep water in mouth and then drink slowly, especially people of gastrointestinal weakness, they more should drink slowly.


Do not drink water when you are too thirty. You should drink the amount of water during the two meals, and it is the best to drink every two hours. You can also according to your urine color to judge the need to drink water. In general, human urine is pale yellow, if the color is too light, you may drink too much. If the color is darker, it expresses you need to add some water. Drink less water before sleep, and drink more after sleep, which is the correct drinking water principle. Because drinking too much water before sleep will cause eyelid swelling, and at midnight you will run to the toilet, making the low sleep quality. After a night of sleep, body water loss is about 450 ml, so when you get up in the morning, you need to replenish. Therefore, fasting drinking in the morning is beneficial to blood circulation, which can also promote brain awake, and make thinking so clear and quick.


To drink boiling water, do not drink raw water. Boiling water can make chlorine and harmful substances to be evaporated, while maintaining essential nutrients in the water on the human body. Drinking raw water has harmful effects, because the chlorine in tap water has interactions with the residual organic matter in raw water, leading to the opportunity to increase bladder cancer, colorectal cancer.


Therefore, boiling water is the best drink, and boiled water does not contain calories, and it will be able to directly be absorbed by the human body without digest. It is generally recommended to drink the best warm water below 30 degrees Celsius, so as not to overly stimulate the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, not easy to cause vasoconstriction.


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