Drinking More Black Tea Is Good for Our Health

As we all know, black tea is one of healthy drinks which have many health functions on human body. It has functions of preventing caries, helping digestion of stomach and intestine, slowing aging, lowering blood sugar and pressure, preventing cancer and radiation and so on. Now I will give you detailed introduction.

Diuretic effect: Under the combined effects of caffeine and aromatic substance, black tea could increase the renal blood flow, improve the glomerular filtration rate, expand renal capillary, inhibit reabsorption of water and then play diuretic function. This is conducive to dispel lactic acid, uric acid, excessive salt, and other hazardous materials.

Anti-inflammatory effect: The polyphenols compounds in black tea have anti-inflammatory effects. Experiment results reveal that catechins can be combined with the single-cell bacteria to cause protein coagulation and precipitation, and thus suppress and eliminate pathogens. Therefore, food poisoning patients are suitable to drink black tea, and people often use it to paint wounds and bedsores.

Detoxifying effect: Experimental results show that tea polyphenols in tea can absorb heavy metals and bio-alkaline to deposit and decompose them. To people who are suffering industrial pollution, it is quite good news.

Refreshing effect: Caffeine in black tea could excite the cerebral cortex by stimulating the nerve center. It could make people concentrate on thinking and have more sensitive reaction and enhanced memory; it has stimulant function on vascular system and heart to speed up the metabolism and blood circulation, which can accelerate the excretion of lactic acid which can make the muscles feel tired, and other old waste of body to eliminate fatigue.

Cooling effect: Drinking black tea in summer could quench thirst and eliminate heat, because polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectin and other substance could have chemical reaction with saliva and stimulate salivary flow to produce cool feeling; meanwhile, caffeine could control the heat center in hypothalamus, regulate body temperature, stimulate heart and kidneys to promote the excretion of heat and dirt and maintain the body’s physiological balance.

Black tea is also excellent sports drink. Except the functions of drenching thirst and supplementing water, it could also help people maintain physical strength and stamina.

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