Dot matrix camera into a trend, open surveillance security camera new era

At present, the IR-III has become the trend of the
ip camera market. Three generation of dot-matrix screen uniformity and high brightness. Efficiency, long life. Small size to become the market is the only choice. Many friends in used second-generation array, the array of machine price stability is not good. Brought trouble to their after-sales, cause most people to lose confidence in the array. So, in a wide range of products, quality and the aftermarket has become one of the most concerned about the title topic. The Shenzhen surveillance security camera manufacturers through the years determined in the security industry, has extensive experience in the security monitoring industry, I believe people can dispel these concerns.
Monitor the development of equipment and the history of the development of infrared technology and LED infrared technology development first in the early 1960s, Bell Labs research and development success, the earliest infrared conversion efficiency of only 5%, the efficiency is very low, the use of infrared remote control simple products. After repeated practice and development of night vision applications, through the combination of a single infrared LED package, fixed on the lens around to the
Video Surveillance Camera image of active fill light. Traditional low-power LED light is first used in Infrared IP Camera and is still extensive use of an infrared light source, the industry collectively referred to as the first generation of LED. Generation LED’s main advantage is the price advantage, the application has been very extensive. Possession of infrared machine 95% of market share. But its light fades fast, short life, power and small drawback is the industry’s main reason for dissatisfaction with the Security Surveillance Camera.

Second-generation point array LED is the integration of a small power LED in a small area, and made a “thermoelectric separation”, the entire part can be placed in any size, any shape of the heat sink, which resolved cooling the subject heading, will no longer be due to high temperature and hurt around other electronic components. Also, because of the packaging materials used does not rupture and greatly reduces the light attenuation, life 5-10 times longer than the generation of LED. Higher than traditional LED dot matrix LED cost a lot in order to cope with the
monitoring camera angle lens to narrow the angle of the send light, resulting in light and can not fully produce the screen dark areas, not bright enough shortcomings.
Now the third generation of dot-matrix LED infrared technology is a revolutionary improvement in the original basis, the use of innovative semiconductor technology, high-performance light-emitting crystal array arrangement, a special package, the formation of high-power light-emitting diode array. Each tablet LEDArray up integrated 60 LED light crystal, a significant advantage of decent size, brightness, life, photoelectric conversion, and light are the price and so

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