Don’ts Of A Bridal Shower

Since human society has developed there always has been less privileged segment in one. This fact would not let them become fully happy on some special occasions as well. People who were more blessed were able to sense it and would effort to provide some fiscal relief. But soon they realize direct help was capable of ruffling one’s self respect and the benefactor may not be able to respond in earlier tone. So this direct method could rob one of one’s friends as well. Because, having received one would become beneficiary so could not retain that independent stature. Anyhow ways were devised to give one’s right hand to support in a way that would not leave a mark on one’s self respect on important occasions. Marriage is one of those special occasions. That is why people devised moushii bridal shower. This function becomes a source of gifts or financial support for any bride to get married. Especially it was helpful for those who hands were tied with fiscal strings due to financial instability of their parents. Sometimes, this would not be the reason rather a no from parents would deprive a bride of fiscal assurance to organize the marriage. In short, in both of the above mentioned situations it was of good help to bride.

With the passage of time many norms were developed. Like parents or sibling would refrain from throwing the party in person least it should not paint them avaricious. Usually women, from close circles, would attend it and shower the bride with gifts. They would also attend the marriage ceremony as well. A person who was unable to attend the shower ceremony would send the gift to compensate her absence as well. Besides, whoever finds oneself unable to attend the marriage would send the gift as one norm of the society.

It is a bit difficult to trace the exact roots of this practice. This appeared at different times in different societies. That of Netherland was first to nurture it and rural part of that of United States of America last to have it. Any how it is there to help those brides who are in need.

No one can cast doubt that babies are a blessing. Earlier a baby would kindle hope of inheritance and thus a feudal could retain his land, that is why it was celebrated as baby shower. It should not be better mixed with birthday party ideas that relate how to organize a birthday party.


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