Do You Need an Ergonomic Office Chair?

The Webster Dictionary defines the word “ergonomic” as “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.” In essence, this means that ergonomically developed products are specifically created for comfort and performance. Ergonomic chairs are no different. They are different from standard office seats as ergonomic chairs are developed for maximum comfort and productivity. Regular office chairs might not have some ergonomic features like armrests, variable height, lower back support, etc. Simply speaking, ergonomic chairs are going to have a higher level of flexibility versus a standard office seat.

Exactly why are ergonomic chairs essential? Well, when you sit down and add up how much time you may be seated in the chair, it is crucial. According to OHSA, a typical office based employee, working a 40 hour week, will spend 25-30 hours in a seated position. Over a twelve month period, that’s over 1500 hours in a seated position at work. That much time in a seated posture puts a substantial amount of stress on the lumber area of your spine.

There are a variety of different ergonomic capabilities that enhance the fit and comfort of a chair. Characteristics like back support, arm rests, seat height, and seat angle interact to support your body. If all those options and terms have your head spinning, I’d propose that you concentrate on ride height and back support as your primary focus. Having an adjustable ride height allows you to set the seat height to your personalized preferences. The height that you choose will also affect the angle of your lower back so it’s imperative that you try different heights. Back support plays a crucial role in your long-term comfort. Look for a chair with variable back support, which is also frequently known as “lumbar” support in reference to the lumber section of your backbone. Also you can use the tilt function on your chair to recline yourself slightly, which takes additional pressure off your spine.

Armrests are another ergonomic advancement that can make a substantial enhancement in overall comfort. Because of varying desk heights, seats with armrests may not always work under low or small desks. OHSA has also noted that armrests can reduce your risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

I do know that all these characteristics may be confusing when it actually boils down to making a decision, so it’s worth your time to comprehend what ergonomic options are really crucial. Your level of comfort and health can play a direct role in your efficiency and overall success, so take the time to review your options.

While the word “ergonomic” is tied to most every office chair, most individuals really don’t fully understand what makes a chair ergonomic and why it’s valuable. To understand the advantages and find the lowest prices on these chairs, please read the rest of this article at: Ergonomic Office Chairs

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