Do You Know How to Drink the Security Water

A lot of people have misunderstanding on the water. These people think that all clear and odorless bottled water was called mineral water. In fact, this is wrong. In fact, they are different. In the market, it sells pure water, mineral water and so on. If you do not know this point, you can go to the supermarket to look carefully, because of it marked with pure water and mineral water.


Different kinds of water have the different effects to the health of the human body. Pure water and distilled water will through reverse osmosis filtration or distillation. This method can remove the bacteria and organic substances effectively, but also could remove calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, silicon and other minerals in the water. such almost no contain any minerals, long-term over-reliance on pure water, and may cause the body’s intake of trace elements, bad for your health.


Mineral water is regard tap water in city as the raw water, and then it should processed through pure of artificially, add minerals and sterilization treatment, at the end, they could to be bottled. So it content and types of minerals is limited.


Natural water and mountain spring water is mostly taken from the mountains and lakes and other surface water after a simple filter, so it contains a small amount of minerals.


Natural mineral water from deep underground natural spring or by artificial uncovered, uncontaminated underground mineral springs; contains a wealth of essential minerals, trace elements or carbon dioxide gas; Under normal circumstances, its chemical composition, flow rate, water temperature, etc. dynamic is relative  stable under the natural fluctuations. Mineral water formed in deep formation cycle, which could put an end to the outside pollution. The mineral water is the healthiest and safest drinking water which was recognized by the international academic community.


Which kind of water is health? The first condition should be safe without poison, harm and odor; the second condition should meet human nutritional needs with a lot of rich natural minerals; and the third, the water should have vitality and active. Mineral water is generally consistent with this standard; pure water brings security, but does not contain any minerals basically. The so-called security is not to have good effect on the human body health and safe water is not equal to the health of the water, so we should clear this concept.


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