Do Not Say the Following Words For Children

  1. If only you are male (female) child. This sentence denied gender, so that the child would be naive to accept parental persuasion requirements. These negative words will make them confused, and feel sad because of they could not meet the expectations of the parents.


  1. Do not play again. Play is a child’s nature; because of they could learn a lot of things and experiences from it. This sentence will deal a blow to the enthusiasm of a child, so that parents should not impose their own values ​​to them.


  1. You are a child; you could not do this thing. Keeping the children to growth in health is every parent’s responsibilities, but overly protective of it will be counterproductive. Sometimes, parents have to encourage them to do some things boldly which meet their age.


  1. You cannot fail. Everyone will encounter the setbacks and failures. If the parents ask the children keep perfect, and ask them to do everything successfully, it may let the children have the obsessive-compulsive in the relationship, which is disadvantage to the children.


  1. Do not do that thing. Some parents may be suffered losses in their childhood, but also not allowed their children to do. This will hinder the children to through a variety of experience in childhood.


  1. Let the children play at beside. This sentence have the negative tone, which divided entirely different boundaries between adults and children, will cause the child to feel neglected, psychologically feel depressed, and able to get things done in the future will be shortchanged.


  1. Do not play with that child. These words make a subjective comparison to own children and other children with the discriminatory imply. Children are innocent; they play with each other without any position. If the parents force their children to divide, what make them unable to understand, may also affect the normal social future.


  1. Be quiet and do not to cry. Children are under the protection of the parents in childhood, so that they hope gain the love and recognition from the parent. If cry was snapped by the parents, they will suppress their true feelings gradually, it may affect the natural expression of emotion in the future.


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