Do Not Eat the Cold Food at Breakfast

The breakfast is very important for the people of the day. Some people like drink some cold juice at breakfast, because of they think it could supply nutrition, and also could add water. Many office ladies like to drink vegetable juice in the morning. Although vegetable juice may provide direct nutrients in fruits to body to and clean the waste, everyone ignored one of the most important key is that the human body is always like a warm environment. When the body is warm, microcirculations will normal. The delivery of oxygen, nutrients and waste will be smooth.


Breakfast is the first meal of the day, so it plays a very important role in human health. In order to save time, a lot of people a day do not attend to eat breakfast, or drank ice milk from the refrigerator to solve the breakfast. Sometimes they feel stomach is full.


A nutrient which was provided by the breakfast is very difficult to supply from the lunch and supper. In the morning, the earth temperature has not been picked up, so that the body’s muscles, nerves and blood vessels are also presented state of contraction. If you eat the cold food at this time, it must make the system more contracture. With the time past, it will reduce the human immunity.


So, when you eat breakfast, do not drink vegetable juice, ice coffee, ice, juice, ice milk at first. Maybe you do not feel any uncomfortable in short time, and in fact it will make the body frail increasingly.


A lot of people like to eat the sugar and fat content of foods, such as bread, rice, pork, or French fries, hamburgers, fried chicken and other fast food. They will stimulate the secretion of insulin and bile, which make the human organs overwhelmed, and reduces the ability of the blood with oxygen, and leading to reduced brain oxygen content, which makes people get tired easily.


In order to not be sleepy in the afternoon, it is best to eat more vegetarian. Lunch which made of the protein and vegetables, such as fresh fish, chicken, seafood, and tofu contains large amounts of tyrosine, keep the brain sharp thinking, memories play a decisive role as well as the level of consciousness. On the staple foods, it is best to choose a green bean rice or whole wheat bread. In addition, the high starch content of potatoes, better not to eat lunch, eat at night to help sleep.


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