Developers Are Considering How to Make Adjustments In The Future

In patch 1.08, Blizzard strengthened purgatory greatly, monster strength 1-10, two and four screen in the game in part of the area of the monster density. I think there are a lot of players have lager experience than before. But we should pay attention to that the monster density does not change with the intensity increases.


Later, the Blizzard Community Manager explained why the other three difficulty monster density has not been strengthened to all the people. At the same time, he also mentioned that the developers are considering how to make adjustments in the future, such as how to let the monster density adjustment to play a role on MP1 and higher or simply add a monster density options to improve the gaming experience in the low difficulty.


Making a new role to rise to the full level should be regarded as the most boring part of the game. You have to spend too much time on the deserted scene. Why the monster density adjustment only applies to purgatory? I originally planned to level some other hero after every upgrade in the 1.08 patch, but now I have to reconsider about the whole thing.


We did not increase the ordinary, Nightmare, and monsters density of Hell difficulty, this is because we feel that it would have a negative impact for new players to do game experiences. The players who enter the Sanctuary for the first time have different needs. When they encounter monster, they may lack the skills. They need to be familiar with the game before face the additional challenges.


At the same time, we also believe that for the additional challenges which the players have to get through the game or was going to try other roles has been ready to face. And for the players who are familiar with the faster pace of fighting, this is not the best way to solve the problem.


Therefore, we are considering some of the ideas, such as let the monster density adjustment play a role of MP1 and higher or simply add a monster density options. We are committed to other specific ideas in mind. At present, we did not have any information to share with people, but this must be we want to change in Diablo 3.


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