Develop Children’s Language Skills since They Were Young

The initial stage of talking to baby is very important on the growth of children. And before speaking, children have the strongest sensitivity for the sound. Studies have shown that children after the birth, the sensitivity of the mother’s voice are more than any other sound. And the ability of children to distinguish this sound contributes to child language training, especially learning the mother tongue.


In the initial stage of the baby starts to talk, his conversation is vague. If you from another room to call your baby, it is difficult to get a response, this is because the baby at this time, the understanding of language is only in the face to face communication, and children do not think you call his name at another place is to talk to him. In addition, if you baby is actively willing to talk, he will be excited; but if he is very quiet, it shows that he does not want to talk to.


At the beginning, do not expect the correct pronunciation of baby, and baby start learning to speak from the monosyllabic pronunciation. Although your baby at this stage cannot completely speak words, he can basically understand your speech generally. Therefore, I introduce briefly several train baby language skills.


First, you should talk to your baby as much as possible. You can seize every detail of the life and talk to baby, for example, when you wear clothes for your baby, you can tell him what you do to let him understand that your actions. The key of the conversation is to let your baby know you are talking to him. At the same time, what you talk should be closely related to life, and the matter that baby is familiar with.


Second, you should use simple words. In the beginning, baby can only understand the simplest statement. Third, you should let your baby know the things before him. When you see a matter, at the same time, you can tell what its name is, which will be more conducive to let baby remember them. But do not let your baby use memories to remember things. Fourth, at this stage, the baby is like a picture, so take advantage of this feature to exercise the ability of speaking on looking at picture.


Fifth, you can try to use the happy voice to talk to your baby. It is easy, when everyone in the face of a child, their voices will become like children.


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