If you are a photographer who loves to travel throughout the world you have a new avenue – Destination Wedding Photography. It provides the photographer to fulfil his desire for capturing the various hues of nature and the imposing man-made structures in his camera and the best part is that you are getting paid for doing the same.

This is all thanks to the growing trend of destination weddings where the weddings take place in far-away places such as beaches, underneath the oceans, up in the high skies, deserts, snow capped mountains, historical places, the thick forests, the serene countryside etc. The couple is sparing no efforts and money to ensure that their grand day becomes even grander.

As a poor photographer can make the most beautiful thing look unattractive it is important for the couple to choose a profession who can make the grand event a thing to cherish in the entire life. A good photographer can make the most mundane thing look a masterpiece with his extraordinary skills.

Rik Pennington has been a destination wedding photographer for a long time and has travelled throughout the world to capture the beautiful moments of various couples. He can be contacted at

He is present 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to offer his vital services to the clients from any part of the globe. Immaterial of whether it is the most magnificent marriage of the world or the union of two simple lovers he clicks the photographs that are unique and priceless. He is assimilated with the most advanced photography equipments of the day since he purely values the time and money of the clients.

He is the crucial photographer who can swiftly move from one country to the other for the high interest of his clients. He as well advises his customers about the best places that they could capture in their wedding photographs. He is the efficient wedding photographer who avails the photographs that could be treasured forever by the couples. They will cherish these classic wedding photographs that could be cherished along with their families and friends for many years to come.

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