Dental Implants Specialists in Houston Explain Why Implants are More Cost-Effective Than Dentures, PART 1

Perhaps one of the more endearing memories you have of your grandparents as a child is their false teeth. Your grandfather would pull funny faces at you from across the dinner table while your grandmother’s made an almost comforting click as she read you bedtime stories. Then there was that time you discovered their stash of old and broken dentures beneath the bathroom cupboard. The horrified look on your mother’s face as you emerged with a mouth crammed full of porcelain teeth remains etched in your mind to this day.

Removable dentures may be the source of much merriment for children, but for those who have to wear them, they can be a nightmare. “Dentures have, for centuries, been the teeth replacement solution of choice for millions upon millions of Americans,” says a dental implants specialist in Houston. “But the past 50 years has seen the dawn of a new era in dentistry and the availability of far more sophisticated, comfortable and healthy choices for new teeth. These choices are made possible by Dental Implants Houston.”

In order to better understand the incredible alternatives to traditional removable dentures, this three-part article series provides a comparison between the technology of yesteryear and modern dental implant techniques for oral rehabilitation. We shall also highlight just why, contrary to popular opinion, the cost of dental implants works out to be the better investment in the long run than the cost of dentures.

The “All-On-4” Dental Implant Technique

The “All-On-4” is typically regarded as the best possible course of treatment for patients who are living without most or all of their original adult teeth, or whose dentition is failing as a result of gum disease. “By extracting all of your remaining, diseased teeth and placing four dental implants in a quick procedure, we can provide patients with a complete arch of fixed, non-removable and immediately functional teeth that look like natural teeth,” explains the dental implants specialist in Houston. “In most cases, this technique can be done in a single day and permits patients to return home in the evening with a beautiful new set of teeth!”

How Does the Cost of Dental Implants Compare with Traditional Removable Dentures?

“Getting new teeth with dental implants is a more costly affair than simply having a set of dentures fitted,” says the dental implants specialist in Houston. “But comparing cost alone is a terribly narrow view that actually lands countless patients up in my office after a few years of wearing dentures! These patients become so unhappy and so uncomfortable that they decide to make a change with dental implants when they really should have gone this route in the first place.”

The initial comparison between the Cost of Dental Implants and the cost of dentures is what compels countless patients to choose the latter technology, but it is at this juncture that a terrible irony is born. “Many of these people become so miserable and unhappy with the endless challenges associated with wearing dentures that they end up considering the All-On-4 technique,” says the Dental Implants Houston specialist. “They also, in the long term, fork out thousands of dollars on denture products, such as anesthetic gels, refittings, hygiene products, storage containers, soaking solutions and adhesives.”

Stay Tuned for Part 2

Stay tuned for the next installment of this three-part series in which we explain just how much dentures can end up costing patients in the long term and how, in the absence of hidden and repeat expenses, dental implants wind up being the more cost effective solution.

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