Dental Implants Near You- Watch Out for these Post-Treatment Symptoms

It is true that a dental insertion is the perfect solution for replacement of the damaged tooth. It gives you a natural facial appearance and a warm smile. Professional dentists embed a tooth firmly in your jawbone, and so it functions very well. In most of the cases, such procedures have a success rate of 95 percent. However, there are some patients who feel apprehensive about implants. So, before looking for any surgeon performing dental implants near you, learn about these post-treatment symptoms.

Damage Caused to Nerves

If the insertion is made very close to a nerve or over a nerve, possibilities of nerve damage are higher. Consequently, it will result in tremendous pain. If the pain is excruciating, contact your dental surgeon and have the implant removed. Get it placed again but make sure that you find a local dentist who has handled enough of such complicated cases.

Post-Surgery Pain and Discomfort

There is nothing to feel petrified if you experience side effects like a little bleeding, pain in the affected part, or swelling of the gums. Be informed that these are normal side effects associated with any form of dental treatment. However, if you feel the pain and discomfort even after several days of the surgery, it’s better to give your dentist a call.


Peri-implantitis means an infection in the treated area and considered one of the most crucial problems of an implant. It occurs as a result of a microbial or bacterial infection in the affected part or the surrounding parts. The common side effects are irritation or inflammation of nearby tissues and swelling.

Loose Implants

This happens if the surgeon is inexperienced and placed an implant in an improper way or failed to embed it with your jawbone. If such a thing happens, it will result in loose implants and may even break. In such situations, you need to find a local dentist and get it replaced without any delay. Research on the Internet to find a dentist doing dental implants near you who is certified and has several years of surgery experience.

Problems Related to Sinus

Do you have sinus? If yes, then you need to be a little careful before opting for such procedures. When the implantation is done on your upper jaw, problems related to sinus may arise. This happens if an improper surgery affects the sinus cavities. In such a case, find a surgeon performing dental implants near you who can remove and replace the implant to rectify the problem.

Other Injuries

Dental surgeries might result in damages or injuries near the surrounding parts of the affected area. It can even cause injuries to nearby tissues. The affected area might swell for a few days but become normal afterwards. If this happens, there is nothing much to worry. However, if the problem persists, you need immediate medical attention. To be on the safe side, it’s prudent to maintain your oral hygiene. This is essential to prevent bacterial infection in the affected area.

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