Cultivate the Habits of Learning Since Baby Is at Zero Year Old

Must baby’s learning habits wait to be cultivated until the school? It is not so. Parents should usually develop and train children’s good habits of reading since baby is born, which has a positive impact on the child’s life.


The first stage, when the baby is 0 to 4 months, the child needs physical contact, and needs love and warmth. If the mother insists on breast-feeding at this time, and smile, talk, sing songs to baby, or contact with the eyes of baby, which can also enhances the intimacy between parents. The second stage, when the baby is up to 5 to 6 months, they need to be exposure to the environment. Parents should continue to give baby love and caring, and often hug baby. If he shows not happy, parents have to respond. At the same time, you can allow the baby lying on the floor and look up, to practice and enhance the visual ability. In addition, you can hang a rotating windmill in front of the baby’s head on the left about 30 to 40cm, which can help baby use eye to tack objects, and is important to the later development of reading ability.


The third stage, when your baby reaches 7 months to 2 years old, you can develop their intelligence. At this time, parents should take your baby out as more as possible, and share experience with baby; help baby conduct social contact, and link other children’s parents, so that let children play together, and encourage your child to talk to other adults. Through this training, it will play good foundation for the baby’s learning in the future.


Moreover, when children are one year old, parents can hold your baby to read the books. Father or mother holding the baby to read the books, at the same time, parents tell the story in the book, so that when the children listen to the story, they will understand the pleasure of reading. According to the experts, this activity can be as early to start from the child before the age of one year old.


In addition, as the children grow, you can lead your baby to read books at a fixed time or tell story; when children raise a question, parents can consciously guide their children: “Let’s go to the book to find answers,” which will let the children a strong interest in the book, so studying will become an indispensable part of the child’s life.


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