Corrosion Resistant Coatings For All Industry


The Coating process is specifically designed to prevent operational malfunction caused by exposure to moisture, immersion in water, dust, and effects of high wind and chemicals. Any solid surface can be coated, including metal, wood, plastic, paper and textiles. Apply a uniform, thin layer of coating, ranging in thickness from microns to mils. The final product is inert and weather and water resistant.

Representing the largest end-use segment of the Coatings industry, architectural coatings are used for the decoration and general maintenance of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

Coil Coatings

Coatings are formulated for use on metal roofing, metal building panels, column covers, garage and entry doors, rainware, gutters, siding, fascia trim, HVAC, lighting fixtures, appliances and more. All of these applications require special properties to handle harsh exterior and interior extremes, such as flexibility, colourfastness, and the ability to perform in a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential applications.


Decorative Coatings

Ultimate Linings flooring systems appear as multi-colored, quartz or flake aggregate with a clear epoxy coating, ideal for areas that focus attention to aesthetics. These decorative epoxy flooring systems are chemical resistant and durable. Seamless epoxy flake and quartz flooring systems are often applied in institutions, locker rooms, restooms, and lobbys as well as other commercial environments. With hundreds of color choices that can be custom blended to match company colors and decor, decorative epoxy flooring systems combine aesthetics with the unmatched chemical resistance, durability, and sanitation of traditional solid color epoxy flooring systems.


Marine Coatings

Marine Coatings

• is non metallic, contains no biocides or solvents

– it will never pollute the environment

• is completely safe to handle

– needs no extra safety procedures

• is not reliant on sensitive atmospheric conditions

– your ship will spend less time in dry dock

• has a surface coefficient of friction as smooth as glass

– is non porous & does not support marine growth

• requires no additional conditioning period

– you can return to sea within 5 hrs of application

• is 100% solid, extremely hard and does not wear off

– you should never need to recoat again

• Proven to reduce operating costs

– and a reduced carbon footprint

• requires no special application methods

– can be applied anywhere

• has a smooth high gloss finish designed to ensure

optimum micro-texture and greatly improve hull dynamics

– proven to reduce operating costs

• is available in a full range of colours


For marine coatings is a two-component solvent free polyamine cured epoxy system with outstanding corrosion protective properties. Binding agents contain modifying components to ensure excellent adhesion properties on most surfaces. Pigmentation consists of specially developed extenders and coloring pigments, which as a combination gives excellent chemical-, abrasion-, heat- and impact resistance together with a diffusion tightness far beyond what is known for similar products. The product cures rapidly and the surface may be immersed shortly after application. It also cures effectively at temperatures below freezing.

Epoxy coatings is moisture tolerant, but application should nonetheless not be done on wet surfaces in order to obtain optimal adhesion values. One should also try to avoid application when relative humidity is above 85% unless this is absolutely necessary. In such cases operation should be followed up closely together with the client or his appointed representative to ensure that surface temperature is above dew point during application.

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