computer virus removal

computer virus removal

If you’re like most people, at one point or another in your computer’s life you’ve picked up a virus. And like most people, you probably lack the expertise to remove said virus, making computer virus removal about as big a reach as, say, fixing your transmission or tailoring a suit. It’s just a skillset that’s beyond most of us lay people.

Unfortunately, going to a professional for computer virus removal is a time consuming and often expensive solution. Yes, if you go to a profession, you can be sure that your computer virus removal is complete and thorough. But who wants to spend anywhere from fifty to two hundred fifty dollars to get rid of one lousy program? Yes, the laws of supply and demand are at work, but so is the law of common sense.

This is where the internet can be your friend. All it takes is some time, diligence and legwork, and you can master the basics of computer virus removal by using free software and services provided by some fo the largest, most trusted names in the business. Everyone from microsoft to google to oracle offers software designed for computer virus removal, and if you have the patience to give them a thorough read-through, you’ll be able to figure out which is the best one for you.

Take Microsoft’s malicious software removal tool (a “virus” is actually just malicious software, yeah, it might as well be called Microsoft’s computer virus removal tool… but whatever).

It’s designed to work on a number of Microsoft’s operating systems, from Windows 2000 all the way through to their newest release, Windows 7. And the best part of Microsoft’s computer virus removal tool is that it’s free. You can download it directly from their site, install it and run it with minimal difficulty.

Once you’ve downloaded it, it will run in the background, scanning your computer for viruses – including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom, three of the most prevalent and malicious computer viruses – and then removes them. But before it removes them, it will offer you a report detailing what virus was found and where.

When that report comes up, you should look at it and then Google the results. You’ll be able to find chatrooms and bulletin boards dedicated to talking about the virus, how to defeat it and how to prevent yourself from getting it again.

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