Computer Networking Training at Centennial College Offers Superior Skills

Do you have doubts about obtaining computer networking training and business communication courses at college level? So did Brendan John Coffey before he attended Centennial College’s Computer and Communication Networks program. “Going through the applied degree at Centennial, I always had a bit of doubt as to how well it stacked up against programs at universities,” he says. “I can now tell you with 100 per cent confidence that not only is the applied degree at Centennial up to par with programs at universities, but I feel we are more well-rounded and better trained than the majority of students in our masters program [in Australia]. We are better disciplined, have better time management skills and can handle stressful situations much better than any of our classmates. We have classmates from all over the globe, which offers a true insight to worldwide education standards.”
This insightful testimonial from John offers a glimpse into the type of well-rounded computer networking training students gain from the program, which makes students part of a select group to receive a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Information Sciences. In fact, Centennial College is the only post-secondary institution in Ontario to offer a bachelor’s degree program in Computer and Communication Networking.
To apply, candidates must present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with a minimum of six 12U, 12M, OAC credits or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. There are also minimum academic prerequisites, such as: English 12U and one from the following: Math 12U Advanced Functions, Math 12U Calculus and Vectors, Math 12U Mathematics of Data Management or equivalent. Possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to undertaking.
Once students are accepted, they will discover a unique blend of technology and business subjects, creating an innovative balance between the practical and the theoretical backgrounds for which employers are looking. Students study out of Progress Campus, the largest of Centennial College’s four campuses. This location offers state-of-the-art laboratories that are specially engineered and feature VoIP, Cellular Networks, Wireless Broadband (WiMax), Advanced Routing and Switching or Network Management. In addition, small classrooms and highly-qualified faculty members ensure that students get one-on-one attention within a safe and diverse learning environment. During their computer networking training, students can specialize in network security or wireless systems. They participate in course such as: Website Design and Development, Computer Networking Fundamentals, LAN Switching and Routing, Operating Systems Fundamentals and more. In addition, there are Business communication course such as: Fundamentals of Business and Information Systems, Marketing of Services, Organizational and Client Relationships, Entrepreneurship in the New Economy and more.
For a real-life experience, students partake in a 15-week mandatory co-op placement, during which they are placed in financial institutions, Fortune 500 organizations, IMB as well as private sector companies. A minimum C grade in ENG-110, minimum 2.0 GPA and minimum 80 per cent of year 1 and 2 courses required for COOP-221.
Upon graduation, students have a variety of options including becoming: IT program managers, network administrators, project management analysts, business account managers, technical account managers, network analysts and network support.

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