Come to Dentists in Colorado Springs for Smiles that Need a Second Chance, PART 1

It’s not only dentists in Colorado Springs who believe that the smile is one of your most important physical attributes! Including your hair and your eyes, your smile is one of the three things people notice instantly about you. So, it’s not surprising that an imperfect smile can have quite an impact upon your self-esteem and general confidence in a social environment. “In most cases, people who are not entirely satisfied with their smile would benefit tremendously from a simple, quick and inexpensive teeth whitening treatment,” explain dentists in Colorado Springs. “For those whose teeth have become substantially stained, discolored or even cracked and chipped over the years, veneers are a fantastic alternative for dental Colorado Springs.”

Whether the changes you envision are slight or drastic, dentists in the Springs offer the full suite of cosmetic treatments and procedures that will get you your dream smile!

Cosmetic Dental in Colorado Springs: About Teeth Whitening

Nowadays, there is quite an intimidating amount and variety of teeth whitening products on the market. “A trip to your local supermarket will reveal shelves and shelves of whitening pastes, strips and other treatments,” say dentists in Colorado Springs. “The whitening product we have always found to be the best and most effective, is Trèswhite Supreme from Opalescence.”

But first, what exactly is a teeth whitening treatment and how does it work? “The name really says it,” explain dentists in Colorado Springs. “Teeth whitening involves the bleaching and brightening of the dental enamel, which can become gradually stained from the foods we eat and the beverages we drink.”

According to dentists in Colorado Springs, tea, coffee, red wine, cola and tobacco are all notorious for their teeth staining effects. As the years march on, repeated exposure to these substances can render our dental enamel darker and darker until our smile aesthetics become severely compromised. Through the bleaching action of its main agent, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, teeth whitening dental in Colorado Springs can give your smile a second chance at being beautiful and youthful!

Dentists in Colorado Springs: How Trèswhite Supreme from Opalescence Works

The great thing about teeth whitening is that it is probably the simplest, easiest and least expensive of all the cosmetic procedures offered by dentists in Colorado Springs. Yet it offers the most incredible results. How it works is simple. You purchase the kit from one of many dentists in Colorado Springs. The kit consists of disposable mouth trays that have been pre-lined with a special bleaching gel. You place a mouth tray over your teeth once a day for half an hour to an hour, depending upon the recommendations of your dentists in Colorado Springs. Once you’re done, you throw away the tray and the next day, use a fresh one.

It’s really convenient and you can begin to see results in as little as a few days. After a week or two of this whitening dental Chicago Springs, the enamel of your teeth should have brightened up considerably, giving you a beautiful, youthful and healthy-looking smile! Better yet, Trèswhite Supreme comes in three flavors, mint, peach and melon!

Cosmetic Dental Chicago Springs: Stay Tuned

What if your teeth are more than just lightly stained or discolored? What if teeth whitening treatment no longer gets you the results you want? Stay tuned for the second installment of this article series to read what dentists in Colorado Springs have to say about porcelain veneers.

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