Colorful fruits with botanical slimming soft gels help lose weight

Fruit provides not only vitamins, minerals, but also a wealth of plant nutrients, and these different colors of soft gel have different chemical functions. Knowing well of the characteristics of fruit color, you can make a reasonable choice of food, and it is very good for girls who hope to lose weight healthily.
Orange fruits
 Representative fruits of orange are lemons, mangos, oranges, papayas, persimmons, pineapples, etc, which contain natural antioxidants —- β-carotene. It is the most effective ingredient for anti-virus by far, which can improve immune function. And orange pigments in citrus fruits have the effect of anticancer, and even its effect may be stronger than β-carotene. In addition, as the heart protection factor, vitamin C and folic acid are also very rich though they are usually contained in green leafy vegetables. If you are taking meizitang soft gel to lose weight, all those nutrients are essential. So you should eat more kinds of fruits in order to maintain the regular function of body organs.
Red fruits
Red fruits, including tomatoes, pomegranates with its root as a carotenoid, have antioxidant effects. It can eliminate free radicals, inhibit cancer cell formation and improve human immunity. In addition, because most of the heat contained in the red fruit is very low, so people can keep slim though they eat many red fruits.
Purplish black fruits
Purplish black fruits can eliminate eye fatigue with proanthocyanidins, this component is regarded as the best ingredient which can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels to prevent accumulation of cholesterol, prevent cancer and atherosclerosis. The representative fruits are grapes, blackberries, blueberries and plums and so on. Compared to the light-colored fruits, purple fruits contain more abundant vitamin C, which can increase the body’s resistance. So in order to have a healthy body, when you lose weight with meizitang botanical slimming soft gels, it is very important to eat more purplish fruits. In addition, the potassium, magnesium, calcium and mineral content contained in the purplish black fruits are also higher than ordinary fruits, of these ions exist mostly in the form of organic salts in fruits which can maintain the body’s ion balance, plays a crucial role.
Green fruit
Green fruit, such as green apples contain lutein or zeaxanthin, and their antioxidant effects make the retina free from damage, protect the vision.
      Besides the colors, when are making a choice of fruit, we should also consider our own constitution. People with hot constitution are advised to eat pears, bananas, watermelons, melons and other fruits in cold quale; people with cold constitution are advised to eat lychees, longan, cherry, chestnut, etc. Myocardial infarction and stroke patients should eat bananas, oranges, peaches, etc to help digest. Botanical slimming soft gel suggests they should not eat persimmons, apples and other fruits which contain more tannic acid; coronary heart disease, high cholesterol patients can eat hawthorns, citrus, grapefruit and other foods containing vitamin C and niacin fruits, which can reduce blood fat and cholesterol.
In our daily life, fruits play an essential role. They not only provide us the necessary nutrition but also make a contribution to lose weight. Sometimes, it even can take the place of the meals. There are different kinds of fruits in different seasons. We should eat more fruits often especially ladies.botanical slimming soft gel will help them to keep slim, own a good face skin, keep young, etc. different colors of fruits have different functions with different effective components. We can choose fruits depends on our body requirement. So that we can develop a good institution while enjoy the good tastes of various fruits.

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