Cloud Based Spam Filtering: Certain Aspects To Mull Over

As things stand now, with the enormous rise on IT cost the small and mid-sized businesses are actually struggling to cut down on their email message storage and bandwidth segment. They are actually looking for something cutting edge and precise, something seamless and effective to avoid the overall risk of spam attack without burning a hole into their pocket. And this is where cloud based spam filtering stands as a big hit in streamlining the whole concept of e mail archiving while helping the SMBs to focus on other significant activities in order to expand their business.

The sheer concept of cloud based email archive appliance offers the SMBs an ultimate option in maintaining the overall network security and at a rate that won’t break your bank. The question still hovers in the air – what’s this cloud based spam filtering service all about? Technically, it is a seamless, comprehensive as well as inexpensive e mail security service which can be integrated with any existing e nail system. Yes, you have got that right – it provides the utmost optimal filtering of the spam messages while still allowing the end users in accessing their e mail system from almost anywhere and at any point of time. Sure, email archive software on CLOUD NINE is easy to implement, seamless to customize and effortless to maintain.

Email archive software on cloud nine is ‘Need Of The Hour’ …

The world is going round and round about the new age cloud based email archive appliance. So why this sudden rage about cloud based spam filtering – the pertinent question seems to hang in the air. The answer is however blowing in the wind- in this litigation friendly world relying on the email archive software on cloud nine stands as Need of the Hour. For the uninitiated, FOIA, MiFID, SOX, DPA, HIPAA, FINRA, IDA are few of the most common regulations which are applicable to almost any business. These regulations also demand every business correspondence to archived ion particular format for future references. Any business failing to comply with these regulations might face dire and serious consequences. Well, this is exactly where the new age cloud based spam filtering solution is playing an incredible role.

Yes, it’s all about keeping your business correspondences safe. It is all about securing your business mail correspondence for on spot retrieval whenever there is a sudden and acute need.

Certainly it’s now the time to bank on third party cloud based email archive appliance. Wait, before you simply purchase any solution because there are certain aspects you need to mull over-

Assess the features well: Well, aside from common spam filtering service it should also help you to search and retrieve the emails whenever and wherever you need it. Check if the solution that you are about to order has the following significant features –

Multiple file format support
Extensive search queries
Search facilities inside the attachments
Saving and restoring the search queries

It should be seamless and easy to use: Face this – you simply cannot expect everybody in your organization to be tech savvy hence the cloud based spam filtering solution which you select should be user friendly, seamless and extremely easy to use. Check for –

Agile user role definition
An easy access to the archived emails
Employees easy access to their own mails

Look for professional and dedicated customer support: Sure you need that. It’s an appliance after all hence the chance is always there that you might need technical assistance even at the wee hours. Look for 24 hours dedicated customer support.

Are you still contemplating? Waste no time and make an informed decision TODAY!

About the Author: Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how email archive software works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about cloud based spam filtering and how it helps you and your organization to access emails easily.

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