Cloud based email archiving service: Now a necessity

On 1stJanuary 2005, FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act came into existence.  As an obvious next result, it rendered new rights of access to recorded and digital communication held by the public authorities. As a matter of fact, email is typically considered as an integral part of such recorded communication. In this law suit friendly and litigation friendly world, almost anyone can seek a copy of an email correspondence within a stipulated time frame. Truth of the matter is it’s a deadline, which more and more public authorities are struggling to meet. The big, small and the mid-sized companies are therefore realizing a fact that moving to a cloud based e mail archiving service facility with sheer advanced research, management and retrieval functionality thus is no more an option but a necessity.In fact under the FOIA s46 Code, the Public Authorities are also expected to comply with the statutory Code of records management. Law mandates the public bodies for treating the overall records management function as specifically a corporate program. FOIA code thus also emphasizes that all the electronic records, which includes the chat messages, business correspondence as well as the business emails, to be managed with the same care, rendered to the manual records. Law also mandates that the overall records management program should bring together all the responsibilities for all kind of business records in almost all formats (including electronic correspondence) throughout their life cycle, starting from planning to its final disposal.

The DPA (Data Protection Act) quite like the FOIA has also asked a number of questions to those with a less than perfect and robust approach to email archiving and data management. In fact, the deadline for DPA compliance is 40 days, failing which the organization need to bear serious financial fines! In fact, it also requires organizations in taking adequate and appropriate organizational measures for preventing illegal processing and also destruction of personal data. Yes, this means, the overall access to any email system as well as to its related storage device should be controlled well and also its contents should also be kept safe. As a result, an encrypted cloud storage security stands as a staggering and obvious solution, offering the necessary controls as well as acting as an uninterrupted and essential backup service for preserving and retaining business correspondence and business data.

Let’s accept the fact; because there is no point in denying it that we live in the ultimate age of legal liability and increasing regulatory control. And as organizations typically focus on legal care and regulatory diligence, they are also looking for rather reliable message storage along with on time, seamless and accurate search as well as retrieval capabilities. Needless to say that organizations are in fact vulnerable if they fail to put in place the proper procedures as well as technologies and framework for data management, data storage and data security.

Benefits of cloud storage security are manifold

●     Improved efficiency and sheer reliability of file and e mail systems

●     Increased storage capacity for further growth

●     Much faster data backup

●     Faster  and simple data recovery

●     Simplified management, reducing IT Cost and increased productivity

●     Agile online access

●     Meeting Regulatory compliance

●     Increased data resilience

About the author:

Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how email archiving service works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier.  Here he wants to share his knowledge about cloud storage securityand how it helps you and your organization to access emails easily.

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