Clear the Goal Is Very Important

He is the poorest child in the village. No one knows where he came from, and a widower harbored him. They kept two thatched cottage to live. It was time to go to school; of course he could not pay tuition naturally. However he develops his business to school. Every Monday to Friday, he walked around every corners of school to picks odds and ends from refuse heaps. During the break, when other students played, he picked up the bottles and used books in the classroom. Some students laughed at him, but he did not provoke them.


In this way, he spent his primary school. When the same age students entered to the junior school, he started to develop his “business” to the town. No one knew how he could persuade the headmaster of middle school to let him to attend lectures, and at night he would get together with the public security. Even he made a small shed at the corner of school to receive the odds and ends. He never joined any exams, but every teachers like him.


Because of he did not have the school calendar, so he could not enter the senior high school. Before the tests, in order to have the school calendar, he found the public security bureau and education bureau. The director of the education said jokingly: “I gave you a table, if you could enter the top 10 of town, I will let you enter the senior high school, and do not let you pay for tuition.


After the test come out, he really got the top 10. The director did not break his words; he solved his tuition fees and living expenses. But he still kept the small shed with the widower.


Later, he admitted to the university, and then he brought the widower out from the village. Later, people could get his message in the village. Someone said that after widower dead, he was out of the country. The learned man of village said: “I have known this child must have the good future. He could tolerate the bullying and stand poor. He looked like a frog has the clear goal. He accumulated the strengths, once the opportunity came, he must be jump highest and furthest.


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