Claudia Schiffer and the Balenciaga Sunday Patchwork Tote

Although it may be the case that the Balenciaga Medium Sunday Patchwork bag has been somewhat a tough sell, even though it is from Balenciaga, a fashion house renowned for lots of unique and well-loved designer bags. The reasons for this situation can be quite easily seen. Naturally the multiple colors make it much more difficult for the bag to be chosen. Some also consider the patchwork look to be kind of old-fashioned. However, somehow, Claudia Schiffer, the former supermodel has managed to make this Balenciaga Patchwork Arena Sunday Tote Bag look like the bag just created for her.

Even though her outfit isn’t that great, the Balenciaga handbag still goes rather perfectly with it. After all, making a bag with that many different colors look reasonable is not an easy task to achieve.
Claudia Schiffer was spotted out and about in London. With layers of lose clothing and oversized sunglasses, Claudia seemed to tell us that dressing comfortable can go neck-and-neck with looking stylish. She was then pregnant, which makes her look even more graceful.

While it is not so easy to pair the Sunday bag with proper outfits, it still seems to be one of the most functional and comfortable over-the-shoulder tote bag that every Balenciaga addict hopes to own, for casual daytime look. In addition, the patches are not in very vibrant colors, but some mild shades, which yet make it sort of versatile.
Still, many may consider it a little risky to buy such a bag. So if you are among the people who kind of like this bag but still hesitate buying it or not, there are better and safer choices – the top grade replica Balenciaga Sunday Patchwork Totes. Top grade replica designer bags have got exactly the same looks as the original counterparts, and meanwhile perform well in quality and durability.

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