Classification and development of intelligent video analysis

Intelligent video analysis products are divided into the following categories: 1, diagnosis intelligence analysis, it is mainly for the snow in the video image, scroll, blur, color cast, gain imbalance, PTZ out of control, screen freezes and other common The failure of surveillance cameras, video signal interference, video quality degradation for accurate analysis, judgment and alarm. The diagnostic class intelligent analysis technology to achieve a more simple, usually after end management platform, especially in large-scale monitoring projects, city-level monitoring day-to-day operation and maintenance role is very clear; 2, identify intelligent analysis, the skill-biased static scene analysis and processing, image recognition, image than on pattern matching core technology to achieve the extraction and analysis of information on people, vehicles, material and other relevant characteristics. Face (portrait) identify analytical techniques in recent years, the rapid development of emerging technologies, characteristic face, facial key feature location extraction and 2D (or 3D) shape detection is one of several key technologies. The early part of the technology is mainly used in access control and attendance system, go through reduction technology with the portrait of the perfect combination with the development and maturity of the technology, public security departments that have this technology applied to the detection of cases. Accompanied by a massive video data mining capabilities cloud computing and cloud analysis technology, face recognition technology enables fast real-time comparison with the portrait of the city-level database, the use of cloud storage technology to be easily achieved Portrait of data sharing between cities, which will public security departments to quickly find the suspect to provide strong technical support, but also will usher in the the face recognition rapid development of the historic opportunity; 3, the behavior of the intelligent, the technology focused on the analysis and processing of dynamic scenes. Typical functions: detection of vehicles the retrograde and related traffic violations, zone intrusion detection, wall climb detection, tripwire crossing detection items theft detection, to Jeeves detection and traffic statistics. Motion detection (VMD) is a kind of intelligent analysis in the early intelligent VMD to discriminate based on the video screen pixel block changes in motion, but its disadvantages are also obvious: too high based on the two-dimensional analysis of false positives, unable to identify the pixels to move the block interference or goal, but can not accurately determine their behavior. Currently on the market DVR or DVS equipment mostly with the VMD function. Part of the Intelligence manufacturers follow-up algorithm improvement and innovation, some PC-based video analysis software, while others are based on DSP embedded video analysis.
Efficient and practical video analysis technology, monitoring technology development in the future, it will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend, its direction has four main aspects: 1, able to adapt to the image pixels are getting higher and higher, once HD intelligent video analysis is the bottleneck of the entire video analysis technology, high-resolution video streams carrying capacity of the video operations and front-end HD ip camera equipment has a high demand after several years of technological development, this bottleneck has been resolved, and now the intelligent transportation system has been basically use HD ip camera for the underlying data source. Technology development, the pixels of the camera also getting higher and higher, from the current mainstream 2,000,000, 5,000,000 pixels to the development of higher definition video analysis technology will also adapt to the corresponding front-end equipment. 2, the dimensions of the video analysis will become increasingly wide video analysis technology is mainly used in electronic police system (including comprehensive vehicle illegal capture) of the transport sector, bayonet system, dynamic traffic monitoring system. Video analysis of the data in each system is fixed, such as electronic police system detects that the vehicle is determined monitoring points, the vehicle ran a red light, pressure lines and other violations, illegal lane change bayonet system is to identify the vehicle license dynamic traffic monitoring The system is mainly transport cross-section of the traffic flow information. Future technological developments, the video analysis of the data dimension will become increasingly wide, including complex traffic behavior analysis, body color identification, car standard models identification, drivers face recognition. 3, the front-end hardware will become more and more intelligent, when just entering the era of high definition, HD ip camera video analysis is basically a video camera equipped with an industrial computer to video operation, then progress to a few (two to four units ranging) camera equipped with a ip camera. Bayonet warning system of video analysis need not be provided with the IPC, it directly to the video algorithms written to the surveillance cameras, to complete this work by the camera, which in addition to improved thanks to the camera’s built-in processor performance In addition, the development of intelligent video analysis technology is particularly important. In future product and technology development, video analysis technology on the front-end equipment will be getting lower and lower, arranged in the front of the device will be less and less, and more and more intelligent, hosted function more and more. 4, the Video stability will increasingly high, the stability of the video analysis technology has been the development problems, especially road vehicles traveling speed, the transport sector itself detection accuracy is very high, so that some applications have been at during the pilot phase, such as high-speed sections of the vehicle detection is still using the video as a supplement to the coil or radar detection, video speed is not as traffic speeding violation basis for punishment. Further development in the future video analysis technology, the effect of the video analysis will be more stable, more and more high detection accuracy, and will completely replace the other composite detection means.

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