Chronic stress serious threat to meizitang

Yang is so anyone 6 years of age, and have been and his mother depended on each other. After graduation from the university, she had two years of relatively fixed work–in a training center inspector teachers. Since then do a year BaoXianYuan, and play too much a part-time job, until later admitted to the graduate students. From the more volatile work experience to see, graduate soft gel seems to be trying to avoid bad adaptation of reality. And in its should appear love and marriage can support its life, the share of the pressure of interpersonal relationship in the new close, all is not happened. Have students assessment say: “she very strong, and a little aloof, have difficulties never and classmate say.”
On the basis of the information can speculate, meizitang is so are likely to be in a long-term state of chronic stress. And that, in turn, and her personality. Yang is so was very sensible, know to take care of the younger brother. In college loans, the pressure of the mother share. Have students reflect said, Yang is so is generous, and in the school has been the student cadre, the university also into the party. soft gels is what contradiction, she helps mediation. Visible, she has been playing a strong role. Therefore, she needs to put more effort to than the ordinary person, take on more work. She had strong sense of responsibility, would rather suffer yourself to make a good family, and even to the responsibility of the other family members is over your head. A long time, they made their psychological reserve depletion, dry. At this moment, if meet a slightly higher strength of exciting, can let her feel at bay. This is just as a root weight of the stakes, if long-term from corrosion and can’t get protection, although again, slowly also become dead wood, a little impact can make it broken.
People in the social environment in the life, botanical slimming soft gel will have all kinds of situation to change to influence people. These stimulation was people perceive or as receiving information, through the information processing trigger subjective evaluation, to stimulate accordingly, also caused a series of psychological and physical soft gels. If need to stimulate people to make a larger effort to fit reaction, or the reaction beyond the people can afford to adapt to capacity, can break the balance of the psychological and physical state, that is, appeared nervous reaction condition. Although the psychological stress can improve one’s alert level, in order to deal with all kinds of environmental change challenge, but for a long time will damage the stress of psychosomatic well.Long-term chronic stress state, slim forte is called on medicine in chronic stress state. Research has shown that because of psychological stress to a variety of related disease incidence is getting higher and higher. Stress as human DuoZhong major fatal disease important cause and incentive has been confirmed.
According to media reports, November 26, morning, Shanghai was found in the dormitory graduate Yang is so inside toilet towels commit suicide by hanging suicide. Media reports said the suicide reason is to let his mother Yang is so live graduate soft gel dormitory and was refused, regrets “knowledge cannot alter destiny” and on the struggle. Earlier, the girl has been and mother life together, read undergraduate course when the mother also live in the dormitory.
If separate from the event itself look, Yang is so mother lived graduate student dormitory was refused, seem to is nothing too big. After all, each unit has its own management regulation, is not literally can change. Moreover, even in the outside rent a soft gel live also can solve the problem, Yang is so why should give up life? p57 hoodia is so days did not seem to to the end of our tether, but tragedy happened. This needs from Yang is so personality and the growth experience for analysis.

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