Choosing Dress Sandals Over Other Footwear

Gone are the days, when shoes were required to keep the feet safe from being injured by walking on the streets. Today, people have far more reasons for being so fond about footwear, and buying it excessively to have their very own collections at home. Mostly, the obsession with sandals is seen among women, who just don’t seem to have enough of them, no matter how many they own. This obviously shows that people associate a lot more to footwear, than just being a good protection tool.

Apart from the function of protection that sandals have been offering since the very beginning, there are other reasons why people wear and simply adore them. Most women seem to be crazy about buying sandals and completing their outfit with a pair which would just go perfectly with their dress. Therefore, it is evident that the craze is not just about protecting their feet from being harmed by rocks and thorns.

Around 15,000 years ago, the sandals that were worn by people were made out of leather, which basically kept their feet safe from being injured. However, the material did not work well for a long period of time and would wear out soon. Soon after that, a number of sandals started being made, which consisted of the wooden sandal that began in India, rice straw sandals from China and Japan and many more.

However, today’s sandals have evolved to a great extent today, and come in such great variety which our ancestors would not have imagined. Mainly due to the fact that sandals today have become a fashion accessory; they are not considered to be important for the sole purpose of protection. In today’s world, the variety of sandals ranges from flips flops, to dress sandals and many more. Sandals are not only meant for women, as the term may suggest, but also falls under the category of footwear for men.

However, women’s sandals are considered to be more glamorous and stylish, as they out in more thought into the colors, designs and styles that they want to wear. Wearing sandals that look classy and are of a reputable brand is considered to a fashion statement in these days.

Even if you are wearing a highly expensive, branded dress, it may fail to look appealing if it is not completed with a pair of decent sandals. At times, a person’s whole attire may be affected, only if the choice of sandals is not good.

There are times when one has to give sandals a lot of thought, and even put them aside for a while and decide on wearing some other shoes. For instance, there are different types available such as the exercise shoes or the ones which are especially made for hiking, walking, and playing sports. You just cannot wear heels and go on a hiking trip! Thus, you will look for the kind of shoes which would make walking during the hilly and rocky areas possible for you.

On other occasions, most women prefer sandals, mainly because they are extremely fashionable. Whether it is for being worn in college, at the beach or a party – they seem to go well on every occasion. It gives the feeling that one’s feet are in touch with the world, while being properly protected from any harm that may come in the way.

Moreover, they are comfortable which adds to the benefits. People who wear sandals also get the benefit of keeping their feet healthy, cool and dry. They do not have to worry about excessive sweating or odor, which may be the case if the feet remain enclosed in shoes all day long.

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