Cholesterol Is an Essential Nutrient for Human Body

Core Tip: residual waste in the intestines begin corruption, colon flora will continue to break down the waste to produce toxins.


Radicals: Free radicals are the biggest factor to cause human aging. Good amount of free radicals have the advantage, which can protect the body to be damaged by the outside substances and chemicals. However, once free radicals are excess in the body, it will have a very strong oxidation to against the body cells to cause aging, skin spots, allergies and cardiovascular disease.


Cholesterol: Cholesterol is an essential nutrient for human body. Most of the body’s cholesterol is made ​​by the liver. It not only is a structural part of the body, or is the raw material for the synthesis of many important substances, but the long-term high intake of cholesterol causes serum cholesterol to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Stool: stool is the old intestinal stool in long-term deposition, usually 3-5 days puzzled stool and stay in the intestine which was called the fecal stool. Stool is the root of all the toxins in the human gut; it produces a lot of toxins which was absorbed by the body. It will reduce the body’s immune system to induce various diseases and produce serious harm to human health.


Lipid deposition: modern is regular to intake of foods which contains excessive nutrients, plus a large amount of exercise and lack of hydration, which can easily lead to blood viscosity. With the blood concentration, it will cause a lot of lipid deposition in the vascular wall and the lack of oxygen to all kinds of organs to cause diseases such as cerebral embolism.


Uric acid: Uric acid is a product of human metabolism, primarily excreted by renal. When the concentration of uric acid in the blood is more than normal condition, it is easy deposits in soft tissue or joint to cause acute inflammation.


Water poisoning and blood stasis: the formation of water poisoning was because of the human eat too much too much cold water or the water metabolism in the body appear abnormal to cause uneven distribution of body fluids. Stasis is the body of the old, old, disabled, contamination of blood, is the gas, blood, water is not flowing and poor peripheral circulation of the product. Water poisoning can cause sweating, abnormal urination and edema and congestion, which will cause cells, muscle nutrient deficiencies to result in obesity and other symptoms.


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