CHINESE COLOR links of London charms WORDS

According to the above comparison and analysis, we can see that there are differences in color words between Chinese movie links online and English. Sometimes, Chinese may not use the color words when they are used in English expressions. Why?
A brief analysis on the cause of the differences between Chinese and English color word included geography, history leverback links earrings and religious belief and so on. These cultures include many connotations of words; including color can be traced back to their origination, that is to say, their history background. The symbol meanings of color turn out to be varied in different periods.
Different countries have different historical backgrounds, some are old countries with centuries-old history and links earrings London conservative custom, while some countries developed with innovatory concept during their historical course, and thereby they have different views to things.
History is one of the most important parts of culture, it greatly affects the culture, color is a typical example. In Chinese culture, symbol of colors is based on Chinese feudal rule, feudal links superstition, it is primitive and unscientific, so the symbolic of colors have strong sense of political and mysterious tendency. However in the English culture, symbol of colors is based on development and science, reformation, less mysterious, more rational, and easy to understand. For example, in links of london wholesale Chinese long feudal history, yellow color was regarded as the symbol of royalty. It means the people who became the emperor. Therefore, the ordinary people can not wear yellow. In addition to the ambiguity can be avoided in cross-culture communication.
However, In Britain, because the links of london charms advocating of the emancipation of the mind lasted many years, yellow for them.
Different countries have different geographical locations; some are landlocked, while others are close to oceans and rivers, which also lead to their cognitive differences. As an organic part of a nation’s culture, its vocabulary is sure to be affected by the natural geographical condition. So do the links london color words. For example, English nation thinks blue to be the symbol of crown and nobility. However, Chinese chooses yellow. The favor for blue of English nation originates from their living condition. The sea is around the Great Kingdom, blue, the color of the sea, became the most adorable color of the nation. Blue is endowed with the implication of nobility. Chinese nation has been living links of london along the yellow river for thousands of years. Drink in their mother river, cultivating on the yellow earth, yellow becomes the nation’s color.
Different countries have different religions; the world has different religions, so as to different ideas from different people.
Most westerners believe in london links earrings Christ. In the psychology of western nation, blue is the color of the heaven, where the goodness lives. This causes them to think blue as holy and noble color. In 55A.D, Caesar and his army invaded into British Isles and then dominated England for 500years. Roman star links charm brought their customs into England. Roman’s adorable color is purple. In the following years, the Queen lived in purple palace and gave birth to the prince and princess.

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