Childhood Obesity – The Terrible Outlook for The Future

The nature of many weight-related health conditions involves the element of time. What this means is that it can sometimes take a lot of time for symptoms of these problems to become apparent. Still, childhood obesity definitely sets the stage for problems later on. Still, a child’s youth can keep them from suffering from the sorts of medical problems that plague obese adults. Yet the condition itself is still thought as a risk factor for complications and conditions later on in life. Liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain kinds of cancer, diabetes and stroke are all serious possibilities.

Hypertension and high blood pressure are almost a given in obese people no matter how old they are. While there are some severe medical conditions won’t be seen in childhood obesity sufferers while there are some others are a lot more likely to show up. High blood pressure is one of them, and it is commonly diagnosed in younger people who are significantly overweight or obese. Obviously there is physical stress that gets put on the body when a person has excess weight but there is significant psychological stress as well. Physical and verbal abuse from classmates and peers is the norm for children who are obese. That can all build up into a severely high stress situation for the child which contributes to the raising of his or her blood pressure. Research has been conducted everywhere that confirms that obstructive sleep apnea is a lot more widespread in children and teens who are obese. This condition is very serious because what happens is the airway actually becomes blocked during sleep. Overweight and obese kids will tend to snore, as well, however that can even be deceiving according to researchers. Sometimes kids snore because they have what is called OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. The adenotonsillectomy is one possible solution to the problem of sleep apnea in children and teens who are obese.

The process of socialization and development of a human’s personality and individuality gets a lot faster during the teen years. The development of the teen’s body image is also at a critical point. Developing normally in these areas is particularly hard for teens who are obese. This means that when the teen leaves high school he or she will be at severe developmental disadvantages. The ability to compete and succeed, in normally accepted standards, will be almost non-existent for many.

If you are a child or young adult, it is incredibly important that you find a competent and qualified adult to talk to about your condition. You should become educated about the causes of your condition. The good news is that you can do something about your condition and you are never too old to try to get healthy.

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