Chen Ba Xian to have asked

Qi is the rebound guy, little to no opportunity to say, they should capture the Emperor Wu of the Han Shan nephew to King Xiao Yuan Ming Liang returned. Xiao Yuanming through “wash (sensitive words) brain”, D&G Sunglasses and will definitely nice when the puppet.Wangseng distinguish smart I, confused moment. At first, Qi Wang Sengbian do not agree “repatriation” Xiao Yuan Ming. However, Liang Qi Lu Shi and surrender, he was appointed Qiu, accusing him of Southwest Road station; soon, intercepting Hsiao Yuan Ming Pei of the beam will cross the Northern Qi Dynasty army has been Gongsha, east off the fall. It is in such a situation, “Wang Sengbian great fear, a Tun Regardless of what, to seek satisfaction (Xiao) Yuan Ming.” Thus, in the Qi Xiao Yuan Ming Wang Sengbian thousand common soldiers, “escorted” down into our health, that emperor, reign title heavens, and the original Chen Ba Xian Li and Wang Seng identified were small emperor Xiao Fangzhi called the “ Nike Air Rift Kids shoes crown prince.” In 555 AD (Shao Qin Liang Jingdi first year) at the end, remnants of the king Sengbian niches Du, Wang Seng Chi, who have revolted, and cited Qi Jun Rukou. The face of strong enemy, armored Kuama Chen Ba Xian, Jian Kang Ximing door personally leading troops from the attack, defeat Xu Si Hui and others, then, they defeated the Northern Qi Dynasty army, captured countless spoils of war. Although the win, holed up in our health are the city’s inner doubts and fears Tingtai Chen Liang, Chen Ba Xian to have asked his nephew Chen Tan Lang as hostages, to make peace with the Northern Qi Dynasty. Chen Ba Xian also want to take a breath, he also knew the Northern Qi Dynasty soldiers want to make the slow count, listen to his court on the proposed temporary and Northern Qi Xi Bing. Not long after, AD 556 (Liangjing Di Pacific first year) in April, Xiao Qi Youqian track, the old East and any other person about the Air Jordan Spizikes shoes rate of thousands of troops Rukou. However, the Northern Qi Dynasty apprenticeship that is lost, accounted for under general Chen Ba Xian Huang Qi army engaged the industry in the Liangshan, “breaking of the.” March 557 AD, Chen Ba Xian originally Lingnan old boss, Xiao Xiao Liangzong room erection soldiers, Zhou Wenyu led his army conquered. Will toss a month, Xiao Bo, was killed under the Guangzhou been overcome, “noted the level of Lingnan.” In the same year became the emperor. ” “Do you know Chen Wudi’s death, who succeeded to the throne ah?” “Dynasty Emperor to the throne after the death of Chen Ba Xian died,” entropy is no heir, outside enemy, veterans are Jiang Bing out, toward the non-minister of state.”Although the woman Chapter Queen, very subtlety, Ji Zhao, Wang Chen Qian Linchuan nephew into all, do not send secret funeral.” Yilong Road. “Then you know the son of Emperor Chang-go out?” “Historical records, when the Emperor Chen Ba Xian, Nike Air Zoom Tiempo shoes repeatedly begging for a son to Western Wei Chen Chang, Wei who withhold hold; Chen Ba Xian’s death, Chen Qian, to the throne, Western Wei ill-intentioned, but immediately let go Jian Kang Chang-due Lin revolted obstruct the way, Chen Chang has been blocked in Anlu. Lin defeated, the road smooth, Chen Chang will depart back to our health, on the halfway line, Chen Wendi Hengyang Dukes closed it as due to thinking that Chen Ba Xian Dizi, Chen Chang for he did not timely Dangshanghuangdi very angry letter to the cousin, Chen Qian, “speech is very rude.”

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