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all of this,” Evanna observed, shoving his shirt off his shoulders so that it joined her dress on the floor. She skimmed her palms over his chest until her fingers reached his waist and began figuring out the intricacies of his trousers. Then she stopped and shook her head. “I almost forgot a step. We have to remove our shoes, then I can take off your pants and you can remove my underthings. After that, I have to give you a .blow. or whatever it.s called, and then . . . what?” Wincing, Vic ghd ceramic iron tor shook his head. “You do not have to give me one, Evanna.” She frowned at that. “Why not? Admittedly I didn.t research the topic of sex exhaustively, but the preliminary research I did suggested it.s best to satisfy the man first, so that he.ll last longer the second time. It also suggested that a male should take extra time preparing a virgin female so that the pain is minimized and the experience overall is as enjoyable as possible. Logic suggests that if men are so quick on the first round as all that, then the man should be satisfied first. And the best way to satisfy a man the first time around is to blow him.” He stared at her a moment, then rubbed his palm over his face. “I can.t believe turning me on with a dry, clinical recital of what we shou new ghd 2011 ld do . . . Regardless, I.m afraid your research is incomplete.” “It is? But I ghd straighteners read seventeen articles and watched twenty-three vids,” Evanna pointed out. “That should be a sufficiently large enough sampling for preliminary instruction, at the very least.” “Passion is not meant to be treated like mixing up a batch of chemicals, even if it.s been compared with chemistry for centuries,” Victor corrected her, amused. She really does throw herself into her research projects, doesn.t she? “And I don.t need to be satisfied immediately. Such things are more for men who haven.t bothered to put in a lot of research on self-control, which I have done. Besides, until you know what real passion is, how will you know if giving it adequately?” Evanna tilted her head, thinking about that. “You mean I have to empirically experience passion in a practical application before I can grasp the theory correctly for future usage?” “Exactly. Real life isn.t a hologram, or a set of formulas on a screen,” he agreed. Before she could react, Victor scooped her off her feet, hefting her into his arms. She was average in height and average in weight, and not too difficult to carry the few meters across the sitting room of their cabin to the nearest of the bedrooms. Once there, he laid her on the bed, knelt beside it, removed her shoes and socks, and pulled her undergarments down her legs. Squirming up onto her elbows, Evanna watched him toss her clothing aside and remove his own shoes, though he left his silver trousers on. His eyes, which she had heard his cousin call “fox eyes” during their brief meeting on the trip from the Moon to the Earth, flicked from her face to her pelvis. She could see why his cousin had said that, for while the rest of the man kneeling before her parted legs was controlled and methodical, those light brown eyes were as free as a wild animal, roving all over her. The mixture of control and freedom fascinated her; Evanna realized that the dichotomy between the two made her want to make his body just as free as his eyes. I wonder what he.d be like if he unleashed some of that physical control . . . Curiosity prompted to her to ask, “Now what?” “Now I kiss you.” Evanna watched avidly as he shifted to match actions to words. He didn.t start with the obvious, though. Instead of going straight for her mouth or her loins, he lifted her right leg and pressed his lips to her ankle. Pressed slow, succulent kisses up the inside of her calf. Lingered at her knee and licked her inner thigh. Just as she started to squirm in anticipation, he retreate ghd hair d and caught her other ankle, beginning his salutations all over again. By the time he finally claimed her lower lips, Evanna wondered why the hell she.d ever thought anyone at the logical, passionless, work-only Lunar Intelligence Trust was a genius. Particularly for throwing passion out of life. Yes, it disrupted her concentration. Yes, it destroyed her ability to think. But this was worthwhile, even if it never spared a single ship in combat. Her colleagues and so-called superiors were all idiots. Every last one of them. More than that, this man was the right man with which to research all the things she.d missed so far in life. Evanna was sure of it. He was just like her: dedicated, methodical, and thorough. Knowledgeable, skillful—a veritable genius. Particularly as he gently inserted his finger, working it into her in a way that taught her hips—or perhaps just reminded them—a movement she instinctively knew was as old as life. Every touch of his hands, his tongue, and his lips drew her deeper into the mysteries of her own body, and she wanted more of it. He was certainly good enough to turn that twisting feeling of pleasure inside of her into an explosion of bliss. Particularly when he eased a second finger inside, curled both of them up, and fluttered against something that sent her mind reeling with explosions of pleasure. Nor did he seem to mind when she grabbed at his head, alternately tugging and pushing and pulling, encouraging the swirling flicks of his tongue. A tiny, ghd straighteners somewhat still rational corner of her mind worried that the shouts and cries he evoked from her were going to disrupt the other vacationers, but the rest of her did not care. In fact, part of her hoped they could hear her all the way back on the Moon, enjoying her freedom to its fullest and then some. It helped that Victor kept at it until her belly was a cramped, trembling knot. Only when she was panting and flushed, soaked with her own sweat, did he climb onto the bed and stretch out beside her. Smiling, he soothed her flesh with gentle strokes of his left hand. The other, she noted when she pried open her eyes, propped up his dark-haired head. As her panting eased, she could hear the pattering of the rain outside and the slow, steady breathing of the man lounging smugly at her side. Once again, he looked controlled and calm, save for the wild life visible in those golden brown eyes . . . and the lump in his pants now prodding at the side of her hip. Her mind, briefly quieted by passion, leaped into action. By the time her breathing had calmed and her abdomen no longer spasmed, she had picked through several possible choices. Evanna drew in a deep breath and let it out as a deep sigh. Victor quirked one of his brows. “Well? Do you like being kissed that way?” Evanna snorted. “Even an idiot would like that, and I.m no idiot.” “No, not,” Victor agreed. His left hand stroked up from her stomach to her breasts, gently cupping one, then the other. As pleasant as that was, Evanna focused on a more rational thought than passion. It wasn.t easy with his thumb circling her nipple, but it was necessary. “But . . . I do need to know something.” “Ask,” he prompted, wondering what she had on her mind. And wondering if his touch was effective enough if she could still think so much while he was caressing her. “How much time are you willing to spare toward researching passion with me?” she asked. His smile broadened, making her frown defensively. “ ghd hair I.m serious, Victor! I.m asking you because I tried kissing your cousin yesterday, while he was showing me where the restroom facilities were on board your ship.” Victor stilled. He did not like the sound of that, and wondered at the strength of his reaction. “As obliging and skillful as he was, I didn.t like kissing him,” Evanna ghd straighteners outlet stated. She watched him relax slightly, glad she had made the attempt, since it had helped secure preliminary confirmation of a hypothesis she was currently pondering. “It was much more enjoyable with you. I therefore see no reason to search farther afield when it.s clear you and I interact very well. Which leads me to wonder if you feel the same way.” “I do.” He flushed a little at the words, recognizing their significance, but otherwise didn.t let himself react to the idea forming in his mind. “Good. So, if both agreeable . . . would you be willing to extend our research association? I mean, beyond this visit in the woods?” she asked. “Of course.” He didn.t have to think about it. He already knew that he wanted to spend more time with her. Giving the future a moment of thought, he shrugged. “I suppose I could let my cousin buy out my share of the ship and maybe find a job ferrying supplies locally to and from the institute . . . presuming they.ll forgive me for helping you escape.” Evanna blinked. “The institute? I was going ghd mk4 straighteners to ask if I could have one of the spare crew cabins on your ship converted into a hologram lab.” That made him blink and stop his gentle caresses on her abdomen. “A hologram lab?” “Yes, a hologram lab,” she repeated. “Most of my work is done in the hologram lab.” “But . . . what about the bismuth isotope?” Victor asked. “Well, I do follow up holographic theory with hands-on applications, since even the best of computers can synthesize chemical reactions only so far. Real chemical interactions have an element of unpredictability . . . for all that that particular element isn.t found on the periodic table,” she quipped, pleased when his mouth curled up, enjoying her joke. “But that only happens for a few days a month, and usually it consists of me handing off projects to various lab workers, and overseeing a repeat of the occasional promising result. “I.d need one or two crew quarters on board the .nchiriat to install the processors and projectors into—and of course a mini hydro-generator to power them, to keep from draining the ship.s energy needs—but you do have four empty crew quarters, and your cousin said it was rare for you to take on passengers, so it.s not like you actually need them.” She paused as he thought about it, then asked, “Or am I presuming too much about our future interactions?” “No, no,” he reassured her. “ not presuming too much. I wouldn.t object to that plan in the least. Particularly since I know you.d get to have a real life outside of your work that way. I.d guarantee it personally . . . though I think I.d have to change the name of the ship if you joined me on it.” He slid his hand back down to her stomach, teasing her navel with the edge of his thumb. “No, I.m just wondering what your employers would think of you moving all that indu ghd pure stry-sensitive information out of their control.” “They can stuff it down the nearest black hole if they do have a problem with it,” Evanna told him bluntly. “I am not going back to living my life on a glass hill. ridden up its slopes to rescue me, and I am suitably thankful . . . and I.ll thank you even more if you.ll continue to help me learn all the things missed out on. But I.m not going back to a prison. If they want my genius to give them their technological advances, they.ll have to deal with my terms from now on. Those depositions you gave me will ensure it ghd hair styler , one way or another.” Pleased his princess was determined to retain and enjoy her freedom, Victor leaned down and kissed her. To his surprise, she pushed him back. At his puzzled look, Evanna smiled and switched from pressing on his chest to caressing it with her palm. “My turn. And I must point out that you are inappropriately att coloured Ghd Hair Straighteners ired for our little research endeavor.” Sliding her hand down, she explored the placket of his silver pants. The corner of her mouth quirked up. “As a lifelong, dedicated scientist, I must insist on following the established procedures and protocols. At least, for the initial experiments. Which means the last of your silver armor must go.” Grinning, Victor complied. I see I.ll have to teach her how to speak sexily instead of scientifically, but the way she.s approaching this so far is enthusiastic enough to be amusing. No sooner had he shucked his pants and undergarments than she tugged him down onto the ghd ceramic iron bed on his back. Pleased by his compliance, Evanna leaned over him and kissed his chest. Some of the vids she had watched hadn.t covered this, but some of the literature had. He also smelled too good not to wonder what he tasted like. Mmm, salty, and musky . . . and warm. I like it. Lapping her tongue across his pectoral muscles, she blinked as he shuddered and sighed. What was . . . ? Ah, the nipple. If he liked that, would he like . . . this? Flicking her tongue across the tiny little bud made him groan and bury his hands in her upswept hair. Somewhere between him cupping her head and her sucking on his flesh, circling each nipple with her tongue, he managed to pluck out her hairpins, scattering her locks across his chest. Victor stroked her hair back from her face, allowing her to switch to his other areola. His moans faded, until all she could hear was the sound of the rain pattering on the roof of their rented cabin. A glance upward showed why he was now so quiet. His lower lip was caught between his teeth, his face taut with silent strain. She peppered kisses down to his ribs, then licked those. His lip popped free with a chuckle, then with a squirm. The hands cupping her scalp pushed gently away, silent warning that he wouldn.t tolerate being tickled for much longer. Grinning, Evanna kissed lower, enjoying the way his stomach tightened, defining each muscle group. His muscles weren.t the only firm thing about him. Up close, she saw that his shaft wasn.t particularly long, but it was thick, and it had a slight curve. Wrapping her fingers around it proved it was warm and satin-soft on the surface, with a firmness that belied its earlier, softer state. She knew she would have to look into the physiological reasons for the change—out of pure curiosity—but that would happen later. For now, empirical research, the hands-on, direct sort of exploration, was her main goal. Except she hadn.t ever done this before. Seeking reassurance, Evanna glanced up. Most of his face showed signs she was pleasing him, in the flush of his cheeks, the curve of his lips, but it was his eyes that really glowed. Not quite wild, but definitely alive. Rippling her fingers, she experimented until he groaned and bit his lower lip again, head dropping back onto the bedding. I wonder . . . Bracing herself on her side, she cupped his shaft in her hand and leaned down over his chest. A swirling lick of her tongue made him growl and shudder. One of the hands caressing her hair flopped down onto the mattress, fingers clenching and crumpling the ghd ceramic straighteners covers. That was interesting. Ever the researcher at heart, Evanna decided to switch position. Squirming on the bed, she shifted her head to his groin and her other hand to his chest. Except the dusting of dark hairs on his legs demanded to be explored, so she slipped her fingertips down onto his thighs and played with the different textures, soft skin, crisp curls, and warm flesh. Very warm, in certain places. Her explorations made him shift and part his legs, made him moan softly and caress her own thighs, until he shifted onto his side and lifted her knee, making room for his head between her thighs. Confronted with the change in their positions, and the shaft prominently, conveniently placed, Evanna tentatively licked him. He groaned louder and kissed her fervently, encouraging her to do more. Giving in to this new hunger, Evanna gave and received as much pleasure as instinct could provide, with scent and sound, taste and touch combining until she was rendered

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