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t over at the Basque Bar with a couple of characters and then weˇre all going to get laid.〃 ¨Where are you going to have lunch tomorrow?〃 ¨At the Basque Bar.〃 ¨Ask Paco to call me up from lunch tomorrow, will you?〃 ¨Sure. Out at the house?〃 ¨Yes. At the house.〃 ¨Do you want to come around with us and get laid? Weˇre going up to Henryˇs Sin House?〃 ¨I might come around.〃 ¨Henryˇs hunting girls now. Heˇs been hunting girls ever since breakfast. Heˇs been laid a couple of times already. But heˇs trying to beat the two tomatoes we had. We got th man jewelry em at the Kursaal and they look pretty bad in the daylight. We couldnˇt find a goddam thing. This townˇs really gone to hell. Heˇs got the two tomatoes up at the sin house just in case and heˇs out hunting girls with Honest Lil. Theyˇve got a car.〃 ¨Were they doing any good?〃 ¨I donˇt think so. Henry wants that little girl. The little one he sees all the time at the Fronton. Honest Lil canˇt get her because sheˇs afraid of him because heˇs so big. She said she could get her for me. But she canˇt get her for Henry because sheˇs spooked of his size and his weight and things sheˇs heard. But Henry doesnˇt want anything else now because the two tomatoes topped him off. So now itˇs this little girl and heˇs in love with her. Just like that. In love with her. Heˇs probably forgotten about it now and is banging the tomatoes again right now. Heˇs got to eat, though, and weˇre going to meet at the Basque Bar.〃 ¨Make him eat,〃 Thomas Hudson said. ¨You canˇt make him do anything. You can. But I canˇt. But Iˇll beg him to eat. Iˇll plead with him to eat. Iˇll set him an example by eating.〃 ¨Get Paco to make him eat.〃 ¨Wouldnˇt you think he would be hungry after that?〃 ¨Wouldnˇt you?ˇ Just then the biggest man that Thomas Hudson knew, and the most cheerful and with the widest shoulders and the best manners came in through the door of the bar with a smile on his face, which was beading with sweat even on the cold day. His hand was out in greeting. He was so big he made everyone at the bar l tiffany inspired jewelry ook stunted and he had a lovely smile. He was dressed in old blue trousers, a Cuban countrymanˇs shirt, and rope-soled shoes. ¨Tom,〃 he said. ¨You bastard. Weˇve been in search of the love antique tiffany jewelry lies.〃 His handsome face, as soon as he was out of the wind, sweated even more. ¨Pedrico. Iˇll have one of those, too. The double size. Or larger if you make them. Imagine seeing you here, Tom. And Iˇve forgotten. Hereˇs Honest Lil. Come over here, my beauty.〃 Honest Lil had come in the other door. She looked her best when sitting at the far end of the bar when you saw only her lovely dark face and the grossness that had come over her body was hidden by the polished wood of the bar. Now, coming toward the bar from the door, there was no hiding her body, so she propelled it, swaying, to the bar as rapidly as she could without visibly hurrying and got up onto the stool Thomas Hudson had occupied. This moved him one stool to the right and gave her the covered left flank. ¨Hello, Tom,〃 she said and kissed Thomas Hu tiffany jewelry sale dson. ¨Henry is terrible.〃 ¨Iˇm not at all terrible, my beauty,〃 Henry told her. ¨Youˇre terrible,〃 she told him. ¨Every time I see you, you are more terrible. Thomas, you protect me f tiffany jewellery uk store rom him.〃 ¨Whatˇs he being terrible about?〃 ¨He wants a little tiny girl that he is crazy for and the little tiny girl canˇt go with him. But she wouldnˇt go anyway because she tiffany uk is frightened of him because h replica tiffany e is so big and weighs two tiffany london hundred and thirty pounds.〃 Henry Wood blushed, sweat visibly, and took a big sip of his drink. ¨Two tiffany and co bracelet hundred and twenty-five,〃 he said. ¨What did I tell you?〃 the dark boy said. ¨Isnˇt that exactly what I told you?〃 ¨Just what business is it of yours to be telling anyone anything?〃 Henry asked him. ¨Two tramps. Two tomatoes. Two broken-down waterfront broads. Two cunts with but a single thought: the rent. We lay them. We trade cunts and re-lay them. Itˇs strictly from wet decks. I say one friendly understanding word now and I am not a gentle tiffany inspired jewelry man.〃 tiffany jewelry sale ¨They werenˇt really awfully good, were they?〃 Henry said, blushing again. ¨Awfully good? We ought to have poured gasoline on them and set them on fire.〃 ¨How horrible,〃 Honest Lil said. ¨Listen, lady,〃 the dark boy said. ¨I am horrible.〃 ¨Willie,〃 Henry said. ¨Do you want the key to Sin House and go over and see if everything is all right?〃 ¨I do not,〃 the dark boy said. ¨I have a key to Sin House as you have evidently forgotten and I do not want t tiffany earrings uk o go over there and see if everything is all right. The only way everything is all right there is whenever you or I kick those cunts into the street.〃 ¨But suppose we canˇt get anything else?〃 ¨We have got to get something else. Lillian, why donˇt you get off that stool and onto that telephone. Forget that little dwarf. Get that gnome out of your mind, Henry. You keep on with things like that and youˇll be psycho. I know. Iˇve been psycho.〃 ¨Youˇre psycho now,〃 Thomas Hudson told him. ¨Maybe I am, Tom. You should know. But I donˇt fuck gnomes.〃 (He pronounced the word Guhnomays.) ¨If Henry has to have a

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