Cedar Decking Provides Long Lasting Beauty

When installing a brand new deck, one should definitely seriously take into consideration making use of red cedar. The notion of easy elegance which has been attached to cedar decks. Although the lumber is in a natural way beautiful, there are a selection of more advantages which has made cedar decking irreplaceable. Because of the practical uses of cedar decking, it truly is no wonder why the wood has become so popular.


Cedar deck lumber is considered lightest softwoods sold in the market. In fact, at oven-dry conditions, cedar deck boards weight 21 pounds per cubic foot that has a specific gravity of 0.32. The lightness of red cedar allows the material to be conveniently transported along with handled.

Moisture Stability

However all kinds of wood have a hygroscopic property, this quality is more distinct in red cedar lumber. To make it possible for woods to achieve equilibrium, they take up or expell moisture. However, red cedar is unique as a result of its low shrinkage factor. The reason for why red cedar is better in comparison with other coniferous woods is its resistance to checking, twisting and warping. This property is more highlighted in prestige decking due to its extreme protection from cracking, splitting or shrinking and it lies flat and holds fasteners well.

Heating and Cooling

Yet another universal property of wood is the idea that it is a superb thermal insulator. This quality will have to be considered seriously because woods which are excellent thermal insulators are able to keep buildings cool also during the hotter months of the year and warm within the colder months of the year, thus helping to reduce heating costs.Density is vital to the capability of the wood to conduct heat since the two have a direct relationship. It only follows that the woods which have the lowest density are the ones which supply high thermal insulation. This is because when the volume of cell cavities in a wood increase, the lower the density of the wood is. This property is because of the reality that the cavities serve as reservoir for air. Red cedar has a very low density and quite a few cavities which actually explains why it is such a great thermal insulator. Red cedar is also viewed as a better thermal insulator than brick, concrete or red cedar.


Another exceptional feature of red cedar is its ability to damp vibrations. With the assistance of frictional and viscoelastic resistance, the minute interlocking pores which are seen in a cellular level aids in the conversion of audio energy into heat. The cellular pore network increases internal friction which then dampens sound. Because of this unique ability of red cedar, the wood is used to reduce noise.

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