Caustic Soda Could Not Die Out Mosquito

Network popular method is very simple: mix water with soap and detergent into a small basin, and put it at the corner of rampant house mosquito, you can achieve the effect of anti-mosquito. The principle is to use detergent and soap’s distributed flavor, let mosquitoes laid their eggs in water. Due to soap are alkaline substances, so the mosquito eggs cannot survive, mosquitoes will gradually reduce the number until extinction.


The writer claimed this method ensure mosquito populations plummeted after 3 days. After ten days, you can see full of mosquito’s bodies in basin.


The expert said in a larger concentration of the alkaline environment, the mosquito eggs really are difficult to survive. Bur the smells of detergent and soap can attract mosquitoes to lay eggs, this is no scientific basis. Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in the sewage or paddy field under natural conditions and their sense of smell is keen. The smell of alkaline substances could have the certain effect to drive the mosquitoes, but could not to mention to attract spawning. Unless it must to lay eggs and there is no water source can be selected


Earlier media experiment also proved this claim. In experiment, three different environments were placed in an alkali basin. After five days, three alkaline pelvic floors have soap flocculent precipitate, but no mosquitoes; 10 days, three alkaline bowls floated some sort of bug carcasses without a mosquito.


The expert remind that mosquitoes like a water environment to lay eggs such as the flower pot trays, empty fish tank, kimchi altar and flower vases, they are a breeding grounds. Therefore, these items should change water frequently. Do not let the tank empty, you can feed some fish to eliminate mosquito eggs.


Mosquitoes like the smell of sweat, so it has no relationship with the blood type


“If you want to avoid mosquito bites, fundamental way is to reduce body odor.” Yesterday, the Professor said.


Professor explained that the carbon dioxide is eliminated from the body guide mosquitoes to find prey, sweat is feeding signal. People who have a large amount of exercise, fat people, people who have the heavy breath are more likely to be bitten. At the same time, the mosquito-like bites higher body temperature, such as children, pregnant women.


In addition, mosquitoes are sensitive to light, but do not like the light is dim. They are favorite vampire in low light conditions.


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