Can Cosmic Ordering Really Work For You?

You may have heard about cosmic ordering, where you “place” an order with the cosmos or universe and expect that order to be filled. When they hear this for the first time, the question on most people’s lips is “Cosmic Ordering – does it work?” Here are some ways you can test it out and prove it to yourself.

The first thing you need to know before you start placing cosmic orders is that everything you are currently experiencing is a result of what you’ve focused on in the past. Which is hard to believe, especially if you’ve been dreaming about being a multi-millionaire but are still living in a rented apartment. But if you stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll realize it’s true.

The first part of placing a cosmic order is to phrase it positively. The universe takes things literally and can’t process negatives so it ignores them. So if you’re saying you don’t want to be poor, the universe will literally cross out the negative words and you’re left with “want to be poor”.

Think about the things you focus on a regular basis and you’ll see how true this is. Which in itself is proof that cosmic ordering works.

Next, “order” something simple to help reinforce the proof that placing cosmic orders to the universe can bring them about, often in record time. It doesn’t matter too much what the thing you order is, just keep it fairly simple so that it can manifest itself into your life soon enough for you to remember that you’ve placed the order!

Part of this process of manifestation is that we tend to see things we’re spending time focusing on. If you’ve ever shopped for something like a car you’ll have noticed that until you homed in on a particular make, model and color it seemed like there were none of them on the road. But as soon as you put your attention on it, they were everywhere.

Placing a cosmic order works a bit the same way.

At its simplest, it is just a goal setting exercise but because of the ways that orders are placed and the discipline that comes with that placement, it’s more than just placing a set of vague “I wish” type orders out in the universe.

In a nutshell, cosmic ordering works whether you think it does or not. The trick is to make it work for you rather than against you.

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