Can AVCHD .mts file be imported to Final cut pro X

“Hi, I have recently gotten both a Sony Camcorder and Final Cut ProX. I’m trying to get the .MTS files into ProX, and I’m having no luck. I’ve tried changing the .MTS to .MOV, and .MP4, and all the info says it should be able to open/import it, but nothing works. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to change the file type without a converter program, and if there isn’t, is there a converter program that is free and does the job? I’ll pay if I have to, but free is better.”

“My camera records .mts but it’s proving to me a pain in the ***…?

when wanting to edit it. I tried to edit something small in final cut pro x but it wouldn’t read it and even after all the converting I tried to do it didn’t work properly. Now I’m trying in premiere pro CS5 and it reads it but it lags like crazy. Is there any way to put this in one of the two editing software and have it run smoothly?”

“the latest iMovie can import MTS file format but will convert it into QuickTime movie.

Final Cut Pro can’t even convert MTS file format, it just didn’t recognize.

how can I import MTS into Final Cut Pro?”

“Good MTS to MOV file converter?

Is there a good .mts (AVCHD 1080 60p) converter that converts the format into a readable file for Final Cut Pro X?”

Have you ever met the promlems above?

For many mac users they really would like to purchase Final Cut Pro X but they would like to check one thing: if Final Cut Pro X will import .MTS AVCHD files. We understand the methods of importing into Final Cut but I don’t know if FC will work with these files. The truth comes that.

Final Cut Pro X contains improved, but not complete AVCHD support

Keep in mind that we can’t import .mts files directly from the Finder. If you navigate to them from the Import dialog, it will have them grayed out. FCPX doesn’t work with them directly, you must import MTS files directly from the camera, from a memory card (with the original file structure in place), or from a camera archive. But having to use camera archives is stupid.

The real way to import AVCHD.MTS to Final Cut Pro X

We just need a way with no require with ingest supported with additional software and no use camera archives method. So the AVCHD to FCPX Converter is recommended for you. It’s designed directly to convert AVCHD.MTS (1080p60/50 included)to FCPX supported formats MP4, MOV, DV. So no matter the AVCHD files are single .MTS files or directly from your camera, you can transfer it to FCPX compatible formats and directly import it to FCPX.

Quick guide on convert .MTS to Final Cut Pro X :( Lion included)

Step 1: Clicking “Add File” to import AVCHD .MTS to AVCHD to FCPX Converter Lion.

Step 2: Set the FCPX output format, i.e. MOV.

Step 3: Click “Start” to begin the conversion and you will get the destination files in the default folder.

avchd to fcpx mov

Step 4: Choose the “Import” and “Files” options from under the File command at the top of the Final Cut Pro X window.

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