Cameo Racerback Sports Bra

This Cameo Racerback has been designed for the woman who participates in high impact sports or high impact work outs. The bra provides a lot of compression and prevents your breast from flopping around. You will have confidence to move around as hard and fast as you please as the racerback design will keep it all together. The cups are constructed as such to protect breast tissue damage, and keep them from undue movement and jiggling.

This material for this racerback sports bra is made from mostly polyester, with some Lycra women it. The weave is made to wick away moisture as you perspire and keep you dry all day. The back and frame lining are made from almost all polyester for durability with some spandex added in for flexibility. The interior cups are almost all polyester for comfort with addition spandex to give you some movement. Moving Comfort allows for machine wash of this bra, but you need to hang it up to dry. They also recommend that you fasten the hooks together before you wash it.

The Moving Comfort Cameo version is a beautiful design that has incorporated a scoop neck. Not only does it look nice it also makes an excellent sports bra by providing you will all day support and free range of movement with our arms. This bra also features built in cups that give the breasts individual support and eliminates the tube look that so many sports bras create. The unique cup design along with the crossover racerback straps minize any up and down movement of your breasts.

This bra is mainly designed for high movement sports like volleyball, soccer, or track, but it can also be worn with your everyday clothes as well. The lines are quite attractive for this racerback bra, enough so that you could wear a sleeveless dress with it and look great. The racerback strap design will give you a flattering shape, and the compression frame and encapsulation straps give you some body shaping benefits as well.

If you find that you need a bra that does not show with your sleeveless tops, or you need more support when working out, then you should consider a racerback bra. This unique design enables the straps to be pulled in close to the beck line and away from the shoulders. Gone are the days of straps showing with your tops or sleeveless dresses. Also, this racerback design will give you a tremendous amount of support if you need a work out bra. Here we will take a close look at the Moving Comfort Cameo racerback bra.

This bra can be found on most major online retailers and we found it on Amazon for about twenty five dollars. Moving Comfort bras are designed by women athletes for women who are looking for an exceptional sports bra and you will

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