Caffeine Can Cause Endocrine Disorder

Many white-collar workers and students will choose to coffee to refresh to stay up late to overtime work, study and play. In fact, this is the most things which should be abandoned. Because of if people drink a lot of coffee, it will cause the faster metabolism to burn the body’s energy, and drinking coffee only fool the body temporarily, which let your body enter a vicious circle: tired →a brief sober → more tired. A lot of coffee will palsy your nervous system to cause the endocrine disorders, which make the indiscipline life become worse.


Caffeine will let people be in high spirits indeed. However, U.S. scientists found although caffeine can maintain refreshing for a short period of time through experiments, it will let the body consume vitamins B to coordinate nerve and muscle, and the people who are lack of vitamins B would have been more tired easily, so they likely to form a vicious circle to develop the habit to depend on coffee. At the end, they need more and more requirements, but the effect become worse. Therefore, when you have to stay up all night, you can add more vitamins B, it would be more effective.


The Oxford University study shows that if you drink a standard cup of black coffee after midnight, then the blood pressure will continue to rise to 12 hours. In addition, the coffee not only caused subtle, but also caused irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa and trigger stomach. So, for the people who like to stat up to late, they should best to give up the coffee habit.


If you stay up late, it is easy to make eye muscle fatigue, and decreased vision. Vitamin A and vitamin B have some effect to prevent visual impairment. Vitamin A can adjust retinal photoreceptors substances to prevent visual fatigue. So you should eat more carrots, leeks, eels and other foods which contain rich vitamin A and vitamin B such as meat, fish, liver and other animal foods. In addition, you may be appropriate to supplement the heat, and eat some fruit and protein foods (such as milk, soy milk) to complement the physical exertion, but do not eat greasy supper in the evening.


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