Buy jewelry note carefully check the rest assured shopping links of london

Buy jewelry, don’t forget to check the label of the goods, including label, other objectives logo (such as appraisal certificate, product links earrings London warranty guide to customers, purchase, after-sales vouchers etc) and the mark on the precious metal. Labels should name of commodity, total price, quality, production or sales of the enterprise name london links earrings information; Other objectives include the standard, the quality certificate, production or sales enterprise address, contact information, etc;; Mark should include manufacturers code, precious metals, precious star links charm metals information such as name purity. Special attention should be paid to is, the name of commodity label is clear. Certificate of jewelry is very important, DB44/94-2007 “jewelry logo regulation” in a links of london sweetie bracelet clear provision: the has CMA, CAL, CNAS qualification of the precious metal jewelry the inspection certificate issued by testing links of london friendship bracelet institutions can be regarded as certificate of approval, can be used as a jewelry of the other part of the links objectives. Consumer is buying the jewelry that apply to check carefully on the certificate standard and commodity label logo and the links london inspection certificate of inspection in the project content is consistent. Buy jewelry, consumers should also be login professional site links of london such as guangzhou industry and commerce red shield nets access in recent years in check to determine unqualified products list, avoid buying to unqualified products.

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