Bull’s first championship

Bull’s first championship
However at the time of confrontation with the top teams, “three-point attack tactics” of shortcomings remain. In early September, pioneer team score of 109:101, succeeded in blocking the bulls won trend, after 3 nights, bulls and 87:99 lost to mierwojixionglu team. In this game, against the bulls in the 3rd section of three-point attack were only 10 points.mens nike air max 2009 sneakers white grey black

Chicago Bulls end with a negative record of 61 WINS 21 regular match. The Eastern Union team achieved the best result. Throughout the season, Bulls average more per game than opponents is 9. 1, is the best League record 46 rest I will try to score over 100 points, was second in League history for a good result.Air Jordan Shoes 3 in Mediumblue Black

Man this season, the first opponent was the worst in the League, Nick. Bulls gap of 126:85 score and achieved victory in the first game; and Nick last 2 games of the team is competitive results and 89:79, respectively, Bulls six wars are won.

A series of victories, proved the bulls in the attack, in particular the rapid progress in the defense. In 6 games, the Knicks averaging each only 86 minutes, even Nick best Center Ewing, each also had 16. 7 points, had 10 points less than the competition for the whole of the past.Mens Nike Shox black gol

Good defense depends on consummate technology, depending on the spirit of daring to dare to spell. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin speed, enough to make the defensive player of the other helpless. In the art of external assistance grant, is enough to make the opponent to feel bad. It is relying on this troika, Bulls Defense has high offensive. One after another quick breakthrough, high speed response time after time, that is to see Bulls play impressed.

Bulls play enough to allow weak teams flee pell-mell at the mere sight of the oncoming force, but for the feicheng76ren team, this effect is doubtful of playing. Buckley lead out of 76 people, what can you say that there is no real Center. Meet them 4 times in the regular match and bulls, 3 times to victory. However, at the start of playoffs semifinals first, Michael Jordan got 29 points, Pippen had 24 points, Cartwright also played well, Bulls to beat easily 105:92 each other.

2nd game, 76 were massive counterattack of the team, in only two minutes, the score to 98:103, but in the end phase of Grand-specific performance, eventually the bulls to a 112:100 win over rivals.Nike Dunk Low SB Carhartt Edition 304292-224 shale brown canvas

3rd game is belong to the 76 teams, 15 seconds when they became a 95:96 score. Finally, Buckley and his teammates Hawkins a beautiful tie, the score override to 97:95 and 76 teams catch up from behind.

The 4th game, bulls fighting to have a strategic, they succeeded in defending 76 people in the first 3 sections only 57 points. Jordan, grant and Scottie Pippin respectively 25, with 22 points and made 20 minute bulls to 101:85 victory.

5th game began, Bulls showed good luck, Scottie Pippin 14 times in the first 3 sections shot hit 13 times, but when he was responsible for defending Buckley, often caught in foul trouble.

At the end of the race only 3 minutes, field rendered scores on 92:92 of deadlock. Jordan poor play in the second half before the game, 16 shot only hit 6. Then he came back, and the feeling, with a brilliant performance in the final stage of the investment and had 12 points, the bulls new Vista, 100:95 win.

Only Detroit, powerful Detroit, is the test bulls the best team on the progress. However they are not as invincible as the first two seasons, Thomas thumb injury, zhanmusi·aidehua back pain problems began to attack. The first game to the 3rd section, out of 68:65 the Pistons struggled to score. At this point, Bulls ‘ Armstrong, Jim Hodges, Levingston and Pedro, having them and grant fought side by side, with abundant physical shock pistons pins. Jordan, Pippen and others appeared again, score was 81:72, Bulls lead, and they strive to make the bulls last hold on the 94:83 victory.

2nd game, Scottie Pippin and 2nd team players played well. Leading 5 min at end of first half, sustained excessive Pistons haven’t been able to, in the last section, Jordan had 15 points in the vote, Bulls to victory again 105:97.

3rd, the Pistons acting at home. Bulls. Benefits of riding arena, the Pistons winning once rendered trend. Race to the 4th section, they have to score gap narrow to;. That is, 98:108. But in the end, with Jordan on a successful intercept of Dumas, ending the whistle blew, Bulls to a 113:107 win over the Pistons again.

4th field, record the Pistons in the first section is 32:24, at the end of the 2nd section, still 51:50-leading bulls, hopes far away visible. However, fatigue and pain, hands and feet tied with defending champion, they show yesterday’s elegance, final 94:115 defeated bulls hands. Bulls finally looking forward to have long looked forward to the Eastern Division Champion!

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